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Grant tells them the video this week will be "When I Grow Up" by The Pussycat Dolls; a confusing song choice, and artist choice. It doesn't have much singing, really, nor do I think of The Pussycat Dolls as particularly worthy of being covered? Even the contestants aren't as theatrically thrilled as usual about this one. The video concept is that they all work at a grocery store (Ha! Real jobs!) and fantasize about being music icons, as ya do.

They will each be assigned a music superstar, who they will embody, and that means they have to draw on their theatricality or something. It's a stretch, but who am I to complain? Michael will be Elvis, Aylin will be Madonna, Abraham will embody David Bowie, Blake will be Boy George, Lily will be Cindy Lauper, Ali will be rock icon Katy Perry (hrmph), Shanna will be Lady Gaga, Nellie will be Britney Spears, I will be annoyed. They all act excited, even though these choices seem almost entirely arbitrary. I tire of their false enthusiasm.

"I love Cindy Lauper but like, I don't know how she moves," Lily says in choreography with Zach Woodlee. He dismisses her question, as do I, and he tells them that oh my god, the choreography is like, not that hard this week. Don't embarrass him.

In the studio with Nikki, she wants them to express the meaning of the song. What meaning? Michael has a bad session, predictably, and if Nikki weren't so distracted by her pregnancy, I imagine she'd have ousted him long ago. Abraham doesn't do well, either, and is uncomfortable with Nikki asking him to be androgynous like David Bowie. Just be anything, Abraham.

Then, Abraham freaked out a little bit ("oh my god that's my real hair,") as a black woman tried to put a wig on him for the video shoot. I enjoyed that immensely. Shanna dons a meat dress, and I feel bad for her.

Blake has decided not to go stereotypically gay for his interpretation of Boy George because, revelation, he has a gay brother. We knew there was something special about you, Blake. Robert notices that Blake is transformed, and doing very well. I suppose it's time to start rooting for him, right?

Robert and Zach notice that this is really "Ali's week," because she's very theatrical, I suppose. And she has stepped up to the plate accordingly. Michael is playing Elvis, and they notice a change in him, but come on, what kind of Las Vegas nonsense is this? Some grocery store clerk imagining they are Elvis? If only, right? God, all these wigs are so bad.

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