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Nellie is up first, singing "I'm the Only One" by Melissa Etheridge. She's a great singer, and we know this, but I think they're tired of convincing her to be here and own her sexiness or whatever. Ryan asks her questions, and her answer is always, "I don't know," which is not a good sign. They ask her if this is something she really wants, and she tries to convince them she does, but she has backed away from the competition and it's probably too late for her.

Abraham's performance of "Stereo Hearts," at least the non-rap parts, reminds me of why I liked him so much in the beginning. He has such a good voice, even if those pants they made him wear are terrible. Abraham kisses Ryan's hat-wearing ass, which can't hurt. Ryan tells him to "drop the diva," and not be such a Real Housewife, having random buzz words that set you off beyond consolation.

"I don't care how many people watch the show and they're like, 'Oh my god, he's so feminine, is he gay? Is he not?'" Abraham says. Oh my god, I am one of those people. I feel horrible.

But defiance won't guilt me into feeling bad for disliking Lily this week. No performance of "Someone Like You" can do it, either. No one can sing that song like Adele, and no one should try. At least her "soft, natural" side isn't doing the stupid wedding dance. But of course, Zach tears up, powerless against even a whisper of Adele. Ryan was "fascinated" by the performance because she took on a character for it. Lily defends her lack of characterization, kind of blames Zach, and Ryan says her excuses are "not interesting." There must be a solar flare going on, because I am liking Ryan Murphy's honesty AND hat this week.

"I can act my way out of a f**king BOX, just give me a scene and I will f**king do it!" Lily yells. Ryan is bored by it. But not bored enough to send her home, I think. Nellie "doesn't want it enough," so, let's cut to the chase, she's eliminated. Time to sing some Avril, Nellie.

"I have a feeling more than I ever have before that I will be going home," Lily cries, sucking all the attention from everyone and negating Abraham and Nellie's own feelings. But Lily is wrong yet again. Nellie is not called back, and might be a little bit secretly relieved. And so we throw another fish back into the sea. Seven remain for a chance to be dinner.

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