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Cry Hard: With A Vengeance

In the vocal studio, Michael and Shanna are doing well. We cut to Nellie's one-on-one session with Cory Monteith, in which he asked her to draw emotion from her personal experiences because it's what he does on Glee and no one has told him to stop doing that thing with his eyes so hey, it must be working. Nellie tells Cory about the death of her sister and he encourages her to re-live it over and over again. Never let anything go, Nellie, you're an actor now.

Back in the vocal studio, Nellie is really using her sister's death to make her voice sound good (or was it good before? We'll never know). Ali isn't doing so well because she has a Broadway-type voice and can't access the dark place we so desperately need her to summon. Mario, it turns out, is kind of arrogant. He won't take notes from Nikki, the vocal director, on his pitch. He's pretty sure he's got this.

For the video shoot, everyone must be bullied and act sad, and also bully someone and act like a jerk. One must channel both good and evil, you see. Such is the life of an actor. The bullies may have overshadowed Nellie's scene, as they threw what looked like tennis balls at her head. Zach Woodlee, who is here just to give his opinions I guess, was delighted. I'd be lying if I said I didn't enjoy it, too.

Lily has trouble remembering to move her mouth for the lip-sync, and blames it on the surrounding bullies. Not good, Lily. Next, Blake shines as a bully. Zach giggles that Blake is "scary as hell," and Robert admits that Blake is the best actor of the group. Michael is doing well, too, especially for a non-actor. But Charlie considers himself "a pretty seasoned actor," so he's about to really gum up the works.

"To make me a good bully, I have to somehow find a way to find joy in what I'm doing," Charlie says, taking himself too seriously. As a result of being too serious, Charlie goes off-script in his scene with Mario, the blind guy who is actually blind, and steals his cane. No one was expecting that, including Mario, and Charlie's pretty seasoned acting ability made shit a little too real.

Seriously, man, wtf. Robert and Zach got uncomfortable as they suddenly realized that you can't expect everyone to have common sense when you pull a group of actors from an open call. No one told Charlie to ease up on the improv, though, for fear of stifling the unique snowflake twirling inside him.

"That was unacceptable," Zach says to Erik and Robert. "It could have been dangerous," Robert agrees. But Charlie was already heading back for the green room, citing a "wrong blocking choice." Y'know, life's a stage! For whatever reason, Aylin comforts Charlie, welcoming him into her bosom. No love for Mario, though, because he's rubbing people the wrong way.

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