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Cry Hard: With A Vengeance

Nikki tells Lily she'll be performing "Mercy" by Duffy, and Lily is not pleased. Mario will perform "Over the Rainbow," and he tells Nikki coldly that he is "thankful for that option." Charlie celebrates a little too much about singing "Fix You" by Coldplay. May the worst attitude go home. Or send them all home and bring back Dani. I will not shed a tear in the name of vulnerability.

Is that a military jacket on a hatless Ryan Murphy? Some re-purposed Marine Dress Blues for no reason at all other than mercilessly judging these youths? I like his style. Lily is up first for her technical problems with the lip-sync. If you're going to be on this show, you need to lip-sync. Her vocal performance of "Mercy" is good, but I don't care for her. Ryan tells her it was fun, but he's worried about her because the show is about underdogs and she is not an underdog. She argues with Ryan, again, and cries because she wanted a ballad. Ryan applauds her tears, and Zach hugs himself in delight.

Charlie sings next, taking artistic liberties with "Fix You" just as he did with his "blocking." They liked his performance, but his answer to their question about his "boundary problem" at the video shoot was borderline unacceptable.

"In a moment of impulsivity, I just got up into my own head and it was just us on a stage rehearsing a scene. And I think the medium of TV is something that I am still very much not used to," Charlie explains. A terrible excuse. Ryan tells Charlie he senses that he will always make "the brave choice" and was delighted that he was in the bottom three because he got to know him and love him more. Not even a slap on the wrist and Charlie's on his way.

Now Mario, who is classically trained, sings "Over the Rainbow." He's blind, not deaf, and he didn't have any pitch problems if you ask him. Not now, not ever. Ryan asked Mario if he thinks it would help him to be so defensive, and Mario realizes for the first time that he was kind of acting like a dick. He breaks down into tears, and cries that he is hopeful for another opportunity. He apologized to Nikki and walked off stage. Ryan declared it "the most intense bottom three ever."

This could be the week that they don't send anyone home, since Taryn left of her own accord last week. Just when I thought everyone might be OK, we see Mario hanging out in the green room, telling everyone that they're off-pitch. His fellow contestants confront Mario about his attitude, but all his stage-tears have dried up and he's full of piss and vinegar. I see you and Charlie cuddling, Aylin. Theater kids.

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