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Demian's Small Heart Grew Three Sizes That Day

Brittany's locker, the following morning. Artie wheels over to find Our Dear Little Brit-Brit stripping her locker's interior of its elaborate decorations, and wonders what gives. "I think I've lost the Christmas spirit," Brittany pouts. Artie remains silent, waiting for what I'm pretty sure he knows is coming, and Brittany delivers by slamming shut her locker door and mourning, "I used to believe that Santa can do anything, and if Santa isn't magical, I don't even know if I want to believe anymore." "It isn't fair that you can't walk!" she protests. "I feel so terrible!" Artie attempts to reassure her that he's perfectly fine with the way life's turned out for him, but Brittany remains inconsolable. So, when Mr. Schue hustles by to demand their presence in the teachers' lounge, pronto, Artie begs off, telling him that Brittany's not feeling so good, and that it might be for the best if Artie escort her home. Mr. Schue takes one look at Brit-Brit slouched miserably against her now-cheerless locker, and he quickly agrees to Artie's plan.

Moments later, we arrive at the teachers' lounge to find the remaining members of New Directions arranged in front of a small gathering of the school's staff. "Hey," Finn opens, as he's evidently functioning as the Club's spokesmodel for this portion of the evening's festivities, and whoever thought that would be a good idea should be shot in the face. In any event, Frankenteen eloquently continues, "So, we're your students. All year long, you suffer through dealing with us, and I imagine having some of us in your classes'll slowly chip away at your hopes and dreams, until the whole world just felt like a neverending nightmare of pain..." "Just get to the point!" Mr. Schue hisses. Heh. Long story short, you remember those miserable dorks Mr. Schue was talking about in that earlier scene? He apparently meant his miserable colleagues, for New Directions will now sing for the McKinley faculty in hopes of raising some cash for that mythic McKinney-Vento Homeless Children And Youth Program about which I can find nothing on the Internets.

Meanwhile, over in The Sylvester Den Of Fantabulous Evil, Sue's reveling in the fact that she now has enough rotisserie ovens "to roast an entire hobo." Becky -- still with the black button nose and the adorable reindog headpiece, the better to serve her function during what follows -- licks contentedly on a misappropriated candy cane until she hears some suspiciously familiar crooning noises in the distance. "What's that, Coach?"

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