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Demian's Small Heart Grew Three Sizes That Day

Why, it's merely the Glee Clubbers misappropriating the end of The Grinch, of course. Yep, New Directions has chosen to serenade the miserable McKinley faculty with their version of "Welcome Christmas," and before we know it, each and every one of Will's wretched colleagues has opened his or her wallet to shower the kiddies with charity cash. It's a Christmas miracle! There's some bullshit towards the end of the piece involving Sue's last-second change of heart, but really, it's the poignant expressions washing across Dot Jones's face during this scene that are really making me all verklempt. Shame on me for ever doubting her addition to the cast.

And when it's over, the gang retires to the music room to find...another Christmas miracle! Like, for real this time. You see, when Artie and Brittany arrived back at her house, they found a $100,000 ReWalk waiting for him beneath her pink tree. Brittany, of course, initially thought the contraption was a Transformer, but Artie quickly disabused her of that notion. For his part, Artie assumed Brittany's father bought it for him, but Mr. Pierce has no idea where the thing came from, either. "So," Rachel begins, "if no one we know bought it for you, then..." "Santa brought it!" Brittany happily finishes for her. Smiles all around as Artie punches a button on the ReWalk's keypad to move forward a few bionic steps, and the camera, after lingering on him for a moment, sweeps from the room to land on Santa Beiste proudly watching his progress from out in the hall. I...I think I have something in my eye. Damn you, Glee!

They could have ended things there but, for whatever reason, they decided to drag us over to Will's despondent divorcé digs, where he arrives at the end of the last day of pre-holiday classes to find Sue standing in his living room, and long story short, she's there to apologize for her earlier bout of magnificent malevolence. To that end, she's returned the kiddie-appropriate gifts she swiped from the music room, and she's further presented Will with a gift of his own: Electric clippers, so he might put us all out of our misery by shaving off that Chia pet he's got glued to his scalp. And did I mention the tree? Yep, Sue's also procured a seven-foot-tall inspirational evergreen for Will to enjoy in his very own home, and she even managed to get the Glee Clubbers to trim it for him. The children emerge from their hiding place to continue with the decoration, and as Sue and Will lean back to watch the kids work, Will smiles, "I thought you hated the holidays." "Nah," Sue smiles back at him, "I just hate you."

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