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Demian's Small Heart Grew Three Sizes That Day

Over in his office, Will attempts to write out a list of potential gifts for Sue, but he gets no further than "Dog Robot" and "A Soul" before he's forced to abandon the exercise due to a lack of further ideas.

The Dalton Academy First-Class Dining Car, which has been opulently decorated for the holidays. Kurt's assiduously hitting his books over at a side table, and he jumps a bit when Blaine drops a mini-boombox down to announce his presence. "You scared me!" Kurt giggles, his fluttery and lovestruck hormones a-raging while cartoon hearts practically pop out from his eyes. "Good," Blaine smiles by way of reply, "because I'm actually Marley's ghost, and I am here to tell you to stop studying so hard!" "What's with the boombox?" Kurt wonders, just a wee bit flustered. "I need you to sing with me," Blaine announces before amending that with, "Well, rehearse with me." "I got a gig," he reveals, with much flourishing of ironic jazz hands, "singing 'Baby, It's Cold Outside' in The King's Island Christmas Spectacular!" Coincidentally enough, the song just happens to be one of Kurt's personal favorites. "Too bad they'd never let us sing it together," he melodramatically sighs, and when Blaine greets that bit of flagrant self-pity with a puzzled squint, Kurt hastily adds, "I mean, as two...artists." Blaine refuses to play that game, however, and after cocking a skeptical eyebrow, he artfully changes the subject by asking, "So, you gonna help me out, here?" "Anything to get me to stop reading about Charlemagne!" "Very good, then!" Blaine grins, slapping Kurt's textbook shut before crossing to hit Play on the boombox, and then Blaine proceeds to date-rape Kurt, much to Kurt's obvious delight. Wow. Maybe it's because I've been harboring such a deep aversion to both Katy Perry and Train, but I never noticed how Capital-D Dreamy Darren Criss was until this number. Sigh. They ever put this guy in a scene with Jonathan Groff? I just might explode. Throw in Cheyenne Jackson with a Hello Kitty backpack and I will be D-E-D dead.

In any event, and in case you can't tell yet, I love this song, and while Chris Colfer's a bit of a weak link in this rendition as far as the vocals go, the whole giddy, delirious romance of the song's presentation -- what with the camera swooping around the boys as they first coyly and then shamelessly flirt with each other through the lyrics -- makes me want to just shut the hell up already and enjoy it. And when it's over, Blaine and Kurt are on the verge of canoodling right there atop one of the first-class dining car's comfy leather sofas until they both unfortunately let the moment drop and pull away from each other. Fools! "I think you're ready," Kurt gamely offers, doing his best to gloss over what just transpired between the two of them. Blaine smiles at him again and, rising from the couch to retrieve his boombox, he responds in kind. "Well, for the record, you are much better than that girl's gonna be." I bet you say that to all the boys, Blaine. Tramp. Sigh.

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