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And that leads to Mercedes singing Jennifer Hudson's "Spotlight." The song starts in the music room, where it's clearly all in her head, as she circles Rachel like an angry shark. And then it moves to the auditorium, where the song is her audition piece. In both places, Tina and Brit-Brit are singing backup. And Mercedes nails it, but I don't hear the tiniest bit of Maria in her performance. But the directors seem to like it. Emma tells Mercedes that she looks glamorous (which she does, in a black satin dress). Mercedes walks off stage into her boyfriend's arms, while Rachel looks on nervously.

Mike Chang is at his locker when Tina approaches and asks him if he's ready to practice his song for his audition, which is coming up in just one day. How long are these auditions going on? Do they really just see one auditioner per day? Mike tells Tina he's not going to audition. She's surprised, since he's worked so hard on his singing, but he tells her about his Asian F and how upset his father is. She thinks he should just be honest with his father about his dreams of dance, and he calls her out on her own early lack of honesty before she admitted she wasn't really T-T-T-Tina, but was actually just Single-T Tina.

Kurt and Rachel walk down the hall. He's excited, because it's only two days until the deadline to declare that you're running for class president, so he thinks that means it's just him and Brit-Brit in the race, and he's confident he can beat her. And then Santana and Brit approach them. Santana's there to insult Kurt, but Brit wants to ask for Rachel's vote. When she hears that Rachel has already promised to vote for Kurt, Brit asks her, "Oh, so you're comfortable flushing McKinley High's future down the magical poop-stealing water chair?" Brit and Santana point out that the unending string of male senior class presidents at McKinley is apparently responsible for all of the world's ills. To launch her campaign, Brit has called a flash mob during the upcoming pep rally.

And then Brit struts off down the hall and launches into Beyoncé's "Run the World (Girls)." Except that her cheerleading uniform has been magically replaced by a torn football jersey, trucker cap, and black vinyl miniskirt. As she dances down through the school, she gathers more female backup dancers. Every woman who sees her dancing is intrigued, and every man aroused. Including me. You guys, I think Brittany S. Pierce just made me a little bit straight. Finally, she dances right into the pep rally, where more and more girls join the dance. Even Sue can't help but get caught up in the vibe, although she doesn't join the flash mob. (But Quinn and Tina both do.) At the end of the song, someone hands Brit a microphone, and she introduces her as the next senior class president. Up in the stands, Kurt looks more than a little terrified. Commercials.

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