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Hallway. Rachel fills Finn in on what we just saw. He (happily) thinks that this means she'll withdraw from the election, but she's decided to follow Brit-Brit's example and try to change the world. She asks Finn if he spoke to Kurt about the election, and he tells her that Kurt wanted to know who he would vote for. And then Finn tells Rachel that he doesn't know who he'll vote for. And he walks away and leaves her standing there. On her own, as it were.

Schuester/Pillsbury boudoir. We've clearly traveled back in time to the previous night, because Emma is still freaking out over having seen her parents. Will interrupts her major OCD fit to apologize. He tries to stop her hand-rubbing and get her to come to bed. She drops to her knees and he asks what she's doing. Since she's obviously not going to take his dirty penis in her mouth, she's down there to pray. She tells him she usually does it silently, in her head, but when she's really freaked out she thinks she needs to be on her knees to do it. Will: "I wish I could make things better for you. I just don't know how." And then he drops to his knees beside her and starts to pray. Except that his prayer takes the form of Coldplay's "Fix You."

While Will sings, we see Artie post the cast list. Rachel is Maria, and Blaine is Tony. Santana is Anita (the role that Mercedes really should have gone for). Mike Chang is Biff. And Kurt is Officer Krupke. And that's it. Um, they do know there are other characters, right? Bernardo? Doc? Graziella? Anybodys? This'll be the shortest production of West Side Story ever. And then the song moves to the auditorium, where Will sings with the entire club.

And then Mercedes walks into... the other music room? Or wherever Shelby has set up shop. Mercedes is there to join the new show choir.

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