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Beauty And The Beiste

Everybody leaves the Maharishi's office. Brit-Brit is clutching the Cheerios doll tightly to her chest. Hee. Sue chases after Will and calls him weak. They're about to throw down when Tina and Mike Chang interrupt and tell him it's important they speak to him right away. Sue takes her anger out on various innocent students walking by.

Cut to Will, Tina, and Mike Chang looming over Rachel. They're very upset with her because she sent Sunshine to a crack house at the time of the audition. In the West Lima crack district, I presume. Rachel is quick to note that it was an inactive crack house. Tina points out, correctly, that Rachel is "an ambitious little freak who will do anything to hold on to her power." Once again Rachel pulls out the "I did it because I love you all so much" card. She claims that she doesn't want any new members. Which means she's fine forfeiting every competition? She tells Tina and Mike that if it turns out that Sunshine can dance, their contributions to the Glee Club will be reduced to nothing. Will tells Rachel to make it right. Really, you're going to trust her to speak to Sunshine again? I guess you have to actually get someone killed before Will stops trusting you.

Rachel chases Sunshine down in the hallway and apologizes for sending her to the crack house. They should really make a card for these occasions. I guess the crack house wasn't so inactive, because the denizens therein stole Sunshine's sheet music and used it for toilet paper. Rachel promises to replace the sheet music if Sunshine will just come to the auditorium at 4:00 tomorrow. If I were Sunshine, I'd bring a couple of bodyguards with me. Maybe swallow some kind of GPS transmitter so the police can find the body.

And now it's 4:00 tomorrow. Sunshine, with the full Glee Club quintet behind her, introduces herself and tells them, "I'll be singing 'Listen' from the movie Dreamgirls." The entire Glee Club is in the audience. Rachel turns to everyone else and reminds them that Dreamgirls was on Broadway before it was a movie. [Though "Listen" was from the movie, not original from the show, so Rachel is just sounding even more obnoxious and ignorant than normal. -- Angel] They all "shhhh" her, except for Puck, who just tells her to shut up. And then Sunshine does a great job with the song. As the other kids get into it, you can see more and more panic on Rachel's face. Finn also has a panicked look on his face -- probably because he knows he'll have to deal with Rachel's breakdown after this is all over. When Sunshine finishes, everyone applauds and Will welcomes her to the Glee Club. Commercials.

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