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Beauty And The Beiste

Now we're in the locker room, where Puck confirms that it's true that he went ahead and got a vasectomy to avoid knocking up any more Celibacy Club members. Although he's willing to share intimate details of his reproductive system with us, he's not so open with his heart -- when Jewfro asks if it's true that he's still not over Quinn, Puck pulls a Sean Penn and shuts the camera down, hard.

Hallway lockers. Jewfro asks Quinn how she's doing now that she's given up her bastard child. With the poise of a pageant queen, Quinn tells him that she's happy to be back and ready to start fresh. And then tells the world that there'll be a lot less crying now that she's not so hormonal. Jewfro stares at Santana's breasts while asking her how her summer was. Santana: "My eyes are up here, Jewfro." Shout-out? Also, Santana's breasts do appear to be larger than usual in this scene. Which is to say that she has breasts in this scene, unlike every other female wearing a Cheerio's uniform. How do those tops make every Cheerio look like she has the body of a 10-year old boy? And then Brit-Brit tells us how her summer was: "People thought I went on vacation, but actually I spent the summer lost in the sewers." Quinn and Jewfro are both left perplexed by that.

Jewfro harangues Tina and Mike Chang as they walk down the hallway together, asking them to respond to the rumors that they're dating. Tina: "Because we're both Asian? That's racist." But as they walk past him, the camera catches the two of them take each other's hands as they turn the corner. And then catches Artie coming around the corner in the opposite direction, looking forlornly back at Asian and Other Asian.

Will's office. Jewfro: "Did you know there's a forum on my blog [] that's begging you to stop rapping?" Will is stunned to hear it. Jewfro chases Kurt down the hall, asking him, "When will you Glee Clubbers accept the fact that people hate you because they think you're nothing but a glorified karaoke club designed to make the inventors of Autotune millions of dollars?" As he asks the question, Kurt just keeps telling him to go away, and then loses him at the door of the men's room. I will assume that Jewfro didn't follow him in there because his unseen camera person is Ms. Lauren Tuna, wrestler, old maid, AV Club president, and biter of necks.

And then we get a quick montage of Jewfro asking questions of various Glee Club members. To Will: "When exactly did you ink your sponsorship with Land's End?" To Rachel (who is lost in the camera's loving gaze): "When are you slated to make your triumphant return to the Shire?" To Mike Chang: "How do you get the white on rice?" To Quinn: "What did you do with all that breast milk?"

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