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Beauty And The Beiste

Cut to Rachel approaching Sunshine. She hands Sunshine a slip of paper and tells her it's the address for the auditions tomorrow. Oh, that wasn't fishy at all.

Teachers' lounge. Sue enters and sits at a table. She tells Will (sitting alone at the table behind her) that Beiste is on the way: "Operation Mean Girl is a go." I hope their new plan isn't to send Lindsay Lohan after Beiste. Because that's a little extreme. Then she tells the two other people sitting at her table that they have to leave. Beiste enters, and seeing every other table completely occupied (which was quite lucky for Sue's plan), asks Sue if the other chairs at her table are available. Sue tells her that they are occupied by the ghosts of hideous, lonely faculty members who met with an early demise because they tried to cross her. So Beiste approaches Will's table and asks him if she can sit there. Without nearly the style, panache, or personality of Sue, Will does the same thing. Beiste: "You think it's easy being a female football coach? You think I don't get this everywhere I go? Everyone told me Sue was the school bully and that you were really cool. I see they got that last part wrong, huh?" If they had said he was generally pleasant if kind of gormless they would have been right. But nobody who really knows Will Schuester would say he was "cool." Even this show has its limits when it comes to the suspension of disbelief.

Locker room. Coach Beiste is putting on some lipstick and crying. Just a little bit. The bell rings and players come in. She takes a deep breath and wipes the tears away. Puck asks if she's crying. Beiste: "Yeah. I saw your stats from last season and it really hurt my feelings." And then Finn wheels Artie in and tells Coach Beiste that he'd like to try out for the team. Already feeling attacked, she gets defensive immediately. She thinks he's trying to make her look bad in front of the entire team by making her say no to a kid in a wheelchair. So she kicks Finn off the team. And things kind of escalate. Artie tells the world he wants abs, which makes some kids laugh. Coach Beiste sees this and drags Finn off to the side, although they're both talking loud enough that everyone can hear them. Finn: "Dude, you're totally overreacting." She does not like being called "dude." Yeah, the Panther's a cat, not a dude. She yells at Finn, with a fairly scary voice, to get the hell out of the locker room. Sam has noticed both that the Coach went apeshit on Finn and that the other players didn't seem very supportive of their QB. I love Ryan Murphy for stuff like this -- he takes people who've had long careers kind of typecast in very superficial roles, and then puts them in the same kind of role but demonstrates that they can totally act the shit out of it. Like Mike O'Malley, always playing blue collar guys, and now knocking it out of the park as Kurt's blue collar dad. Or Dot Jones, always cast as a kind of placeholder character because of her size and her voice, and then he gives her this kind of meaty stuff that doesn't just involve making the audience feel sympathetic towards a prison inmate. And she's just amazing in this episode. Oh, while I've been pontificating, some commercials have been playing.

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