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Mullet With Headlights?

The Home. What follows is a scene between Jean and Sue that threatens to become a little too sweet for my taste until Sue smears back to her latest moment of glory in the teacher's lounge. Armed with various charts and graphs, Sue wonders with great amounts of false surprise, "Oh, what's that?" before hitting them all with, "Oh, look! Sue Sylvester's a Top-700 Recording Artist, people! WHO'S LAUGHING NOW, HUH?" Sniff. That was beautiful. Once she's smeared back to the present, Sue tells Jean that since Miss Olivia Newton-John's forwarding her share of the remake's proceeds to injured manatees, Sue's decided to give all of her profits to The Home. And...that's about that. Next!

McKinley High. Will totes a lovely bouquet of mixed flowers into Emma's office and offers it to her by way of apology. Emma visibly flinches at the offering, possibly due to the fact that she's not quite ready yet to settle things with him, but far more probably due to the fact that that ungodly tangle of roses, daffodils, tiger lilies, daisies, and chrysanthemums is threatening to smack her upside the brain with a massive OCD-triggered stroke. And long story short, he begs for forgiveness, but she tells him they need to start seeing each other for who they really are, rather than who they want each other to be. And that's... one to grow on. Loving her cute little Eiffel Tower sweater, though.

And as Will retreats, heartbroken, into the hallway, tonight's Mystery Theme starts tick-tick-ticking away on the soundtrack when Mr. Schue spots obviously-pregnant-again Quinn struggling to force her now-invisible way through the crowded hall, and long story short, she's responsible for tonight's nefarious Plot Device, because she lost her status, her popularity, her home, her body, her likely future, and God knows what else once she got herself knocked up, and she just wanted some sort of recognition -- any kind of recognition, even the worst -- from her peers. Mr. Schue issues an efficient and effective Buck Up, Little Camper speech that I will not be bothering to transcribe because he's clearly attempting to parallel his situation to hers through the thing -- which: Shut up, Manwhore -- and when it's all over, Maharishi Figgins arrives in the music room to see if Mr. Schue's managed to capture the ruffians responsible for tonight's nefarious Plot Device. Mr. Schue lies that he hasn't, and suggests that, given the fact the Glists have stopped appearing, they consider this one a win, anyway, and move on. To his immense credit, the wise maharishi takes one look at Quinn's miserable face and understands that Will's feeding him a gigantic line of unbelievable bullshit, yet he amiably agrees to Will's plan and exits. But not before sternly reminding Mr. Schue, "I'm still praying for you, Will." Heh.

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