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Mullet With Headlights?

School. Sue -- back in her Power Red track suit with white stripes -- hauls a nervously stammering Emma towards the teacher's lounge. Unfortunately, before Sue can propel her charge into a confrontation with Will, Molly Shannon emerges clad in a leopard-print jacket to sneer, "Look who it is! I thought I smelled a laughingstock." "Don't start with me, Castle," Sue sneers right back, "or I will kick you square in the taco!" "It's a date!" Molly Shannon hisses, adding, "That's just a typical Saturday night in the Castle condo!" And with that, we're finally rid of Molly Shannon for another few scenes, allowing Sue to push Emma through the teacher's lounge door, where she finds...

...Will, deep in intimate conversation with Serial Mom's ecologically irresponsible Rosemary Ackerman. Emma plants herself at the center of the packed lounge and calls out, "Excuse me?" "Can you give us a sec?" Will replies, and both Emma and the audience can see he's gently holding the elderly Rosemary Ackerman's hand. Of course, because Emma's all fired up thanks to Sue's supposedly therapeutic hectoring, she completely and insanely misreads the gesture and shrills, "Actually, no, Will, I can't give you a sec -- you're just gonna have to reschedule your heavy-petting session with Mrs. Carlisle for a later time!" "I beg your pardon!" the elderly Mrs. Carlisle gasps before wobbling her way into a somewhat sobby, "I was just telling Mr. Schuester about how my husband recently died!" "Wow," Completely Insane Emma retorts, "gettin' them fresh off the rebound now, aren't you?" "Amazing!" she continues, turning to address the room at large with, "Nobody's safe! Nobody's safe!" Will is aghast. Meanwhile, their assembled colleagues are quietly snickering into their sleeves while the audience, I suspect, is just pointing and laughing at the TV. Mary Jo Catlett has that effect on people. In any event, Will tries to drag Obviously Unhinged Emma off to continue this conversation somewhere private, but Emma stands her ground, loudly accusing him of some frisky hanky-panky with both Idina Menzel and Orange April, and when he doesn't deny that accusation, she announces that she's had it. "I'm am putting my foot down, and I am finally standing up for myself!" Emma vows. "You're a slut, Will! You're a slut, you're a slut, you're a slut, you're a slut -- everybody should know that!" She's practically shrieking now, though their assembled colleagues seem to be taking it all in stride, so either she's already got a reputation for being a screamy insane woman, or they already think he's a filthy tramp. Maybe it's both. Emma concludes her lunchtime tirade with, "You should know I'm through with you!" before apologizing to Mrs. Carlisle, after which she flounces back to her office. The wee little derriere on Will's chin wiggles around in horror.

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