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Kurt Comes Home!

Emma's office. Will is helping her scrub her grapes (not a euphemism) and telling her about his unusual collection of teenagers who have doubts about the way they look. Why can't these kids be completely happy with their physical appearance, like every other teenager in America? Emma notes that it's hard for adults to embrace their own eccentricities, so it might be too much to expect kids to do the same. But Will thinks it's his job as an educator to help the kids learn to love themselves. He also thinks it's his job to help Emma learn to love herself (still not a euphemism) -- he asks how long they have to scrub grapes (the obvious answer to which is "until they're all clean"), and also tells her how much he enjoys helping her with her OCD. Emma objects to that term as too scientific: "I really prefer 'neat freak' or 'cleaning bug.'" Emma's so grateful for Will's help, since having four hands polish her fruit (yet again, not a euphemism) has left her with lots of free time. Will thinks maybe she should use some of that free time to focus on ways to reduce her OCD, rather than giving in to it. Emma has given up, however: "I may not have been born this way, but this is my lot in life." Hearing the words "born this way" activates some rusty machinery in Will's head. He decides that he knows how to get the kids to learn to love their differences: "By using their two favorite teachers. Me, and Gaga." But he needs Emma's help to do it.

Cut to a hallway, where Santana of the Jungle is defacing a Quinn/Finn prom campaign poster, drawing a moustache on Quinn and ... a pair of breasts? Or maybe chest testicles? On Finn. In voice-over, Santana tells us that she should become prom queen, because she could use her authority to convince Brit-Brit that royal decree requires her to dump Artie and date Santana. Santana thinks she could never get enough votes, unless maybe she could get the jock bloc. She sees Sam, her ostensible boyfriend, walking towards her. He breaks into a spontaneous Sean Connery impression, leading her to realize that he's way too much of a nerd to really attract many votes. But she does see someone who might have enough pull with other jocks to swing the election her way -- Dave Karofsky. And then Karofsky subtly checks out Sam's ass as he walks by. Santana's V.O.: "Holy crap! I'm a closet lesbian and a judgmental bitch, which means one thing: I have awesome gaydar."

The Lima Bean. They are getting their money's worth out of this set. Kurt and Blaine, in their uniforms, are hanging out with Tina, Mercedes, and Santana. Which is a pretty odd trio. Kurt is sufficiently pissy about having lost to the New Directions at Regionals without actually being a jerk about it to let the other kids know that it's a sensitive topic for him. Tina and Mercedes tell Kurt how much they miss him, and ask if there's any way he could come back to McKinley. Blaine tells them all that he "would be all for it if it wasn't for Karofsky." So Blaine's making Kurt's decisions now? Anyway, Santana of the Jungle hears this and has an idea. Her V.O. tells us that getting Kurt back is the key to winning prom queen and Nationals. "If I could get Kurt back, I'd be a hero. Even Finn and Quinn would vote for me. And the key? Karofsky!" She jumps up, telling everyone else, "I've gotta gay. Go! I've gotta go." And then she swings off on a vine.

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