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Music room. As Will writes the word "acceptance" on the whiteboard, Finn asks why Emma's there. Will tells them that she's there to help them with the week's assignment, which is all about acceptance. Mercedes notes that the New Directions all love each other, but Will points out that they often don't love themselves. There are two parts to the week's assignment. First, each kid has to sing a song about accepting themselves. Second, "We're going to do a group number by the queen of self-love." Um, wanky wanky? He means Gaga and her song "Born this Way," of course, which makes the kids happy. Finn points out that Will still hasn't explained Emma's presence. She tells them she's there to help them with costumes -- they each have to wear a t-shirt bearing a word or phrase that "best describes the thing about you that you're most ashamed of, or that you'd most like to change." Mike Chang asks for an example, so Emma opens her darling little jacket to reveal that she's wearing her own t-shirt, which reads, "Ginger." Will clearly expected to see something related to her OCD, but she goes into a story about how "being a ginger has plagued me my entire life." Dear British people: Don't be confused. We Americans don't actually use the word "ginger" to refer to redheads, and at least 90% of Americans would have no idea what it means. But some of us are pretentious writers who adopt Briticisms because we think they make us sound more sophisticated. Emma is thrilled to "claim her gingerhood," but the kids all seem shocked that she doesn't get what her real eccentricity is. Commercials.

Hallway. A plaintive piano tinkles away in the background as Lauren Tuna looks at the prom queen regalia, which is in a display case. Puck joins her in front of the case and tells her the shocking truth he's learned -- the prom queen crown doesn't contain real jewels. Lauren tells him she hasn't worn a crown since she was a toddler beauty queen. Her talent was baby pull-ups. Flashback to a husky young Lauren in a sequined evening gown doing pull-ups as the audience counts them aloud. She was on her way to becoming Miss Ohio when she hit a growth spurt (in all directions) and she was kicked off the pageant circuit. Back in the present, Lauren and Puck walk away from the display case and Lauren sees Quinn hanging more campaign posters. Lauren seems bitter that a pretty little thing like Quinn will be the next prom queen, so Puck tells her that he's going to help her win the crown.

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