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Quinn and Finn are at their lockers, arguing. But the scene is shot from deep inside the lockers, so we see each of them framed in black, with other students occasionally opening their lockers. Nice work. The point of the argument is that Finn thinks it's wrong for Quinn to help Rachel with her nose job plan, since it runs counter to the week's lesson. Quinn: "Well maybe I'm not down with this week's lesson." She slams her door closed, and Finn tells her, "I love this week's lesson."

And then we're in the music room, where he launches into a performance of "I've Gotta Be Me," most famously performed by Sammy Davis, Jr. But Mike Chang dances along with him, leading Finn to make clumsy efforts to match Mike's fluid movement. Again, it's a really fun performance. And right after the kids finish this performance of a song that's all about loving yourself, Rachel takes the floor to show everyone the composite pictures of what she would look like with Quinn's nose. Tina interrupts her to tell her that Rachel's self-hatred has taught Tina that she has to start loving who she is: "If I don't have many Asian sex symbols to look up to, I have an obligation to become one myself." Rachel steers the conversation back to her and her nose. She's brought enough prints of the photo to give one to every member of the club. To Puck, this reminds him of all the girls who disappear from his temple every year around their sixteenth birthday and return with slightly smaller noses. "Even though it's easier to make out with them without getting constantly stabbed in the eye, they're not as hot." Rachel tells them that if they're not willing to support her decision, she's used to having to make decisions on her own. Or maybe with her fathers? Maybe? Even though Finn tells Rachel that she's beautiful, she's already made up her mind. "Rachel Berry is getting a nose job." Commercials.

Will enters the teachers' lounge, carrying a grocery bag. He joins Emma at her table, and she asks him how the assignment is going. He wants to discuss it with her -- he was a little disappointed that she put "ginger" on her shirt. I know, right? I would have thought Emma had more sense than to give in to useless Briticisms. Oh, wait -- Will's not disappointed because she acted like a pretentious twit, but because she should have written something having to do with her OCD. She thinks she shouldn't discuss such things with the kids, since it will undermine their ability to look to her as a role model. But Will thinks a true role model would accept that she has this serious problem and work on fixing it. Emma's still hung up on the idea that she wasn't born with her OCD so she apparently doesn't ever have to deal with it. Will points out that everyone puts up with her serious anxiety disorder because she's so high-functioning and cute, but "it's really keeping you from enjoying your life." And then he tries to get her to eat some unwashed fruit. She doesn't see how this is supposed to help. Will: "You know what I think, Emma? I think you are an expert at deflection." Emma: "Is that a new shirt?" Will thinks she works so hard at counseling other people so she can avoid working on her own problems.

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