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Kurt Comes Home!

Music room. The kids are in a hubbub as Principal Figgins and Karofsky stands at the front of the room. Figgins and Will eventually get the kids to settle down so Karofsky can talk. He's there to apologize for what he did to Kurt and for all the slushies he's delivered to each person in the room. Cue the slushy montage. As Santana watched Karofsky, she lips the words, clearly having written the speech for him. When asked why they should trust him, Karofsky tells them that he knows he'll have to earn their trust. But he gives full credit to Santana for helping him to see the light -- she helped him see that he was a bad person, and he wants to be better. Quinn speaks for an incredulous nation when she asks if it was their Santana who helped Karofsky reform himself. Santana knows that if she acts completely altruistic, it will seem fake, so she tells them that she took it on herself to try to rehabilitate Karofsky in hopes that it would allow Kurt to return to McKinley. And she claims that in the process of helping Karofsky see the light, they fell in love. Karofsky tells them that he wants Kurt to feel safe, so he and Santana "have started a new club -- the Bully Whips." Santana claims they'll be like guardian angels. Or maybe like the Guardian Angels. Figgins tells the kids that he's deputized the Bully Whips to roam the halls and stop bullying when they see it.

Flashback to Azimio throwing a tiny redheaded kid against his locker and demanding his pants. Although I have no idea what Azimio will do with this kid's pants -- cut off the legs and use them as armwarmers? And then Santana and Karofsky, wearing matching red satin jackets and red berets, interrupt him and make him knock it off.

Back in the music room, Karofsky tells the club that his plan is to reach out to Kurt, with the help of Figgins, to try to get Kurt to come back to McKinley. Commercials.

Maharishi's Sanctum of Secretly Insincere Apologies. Karofsky and his father are there, as are Kurt and Burt. And Will, because no meeting is complete without the school's Spanish teacher. Burt thinks that Karofsky's apology won't keep Kurt safe. Figgins points out that since the Bully Whips went into action, there have been no instances of bullying. Smithers points out that the reduction is equal to the number of bullying instances Karofsky was known or suspected to have been involved with in the previous month, but Figgins doesn't care. Burt is appropriately angry and protective of Kurt, while Mr. Karofsky asks Burt to give Karofsky a chance to prove he's changed. And Karofsky denies that he actually meant he would kill Kurt when he said he would kill Kurt. Will asks Kurt what he thinks, and Kurt asks for a few moments alone with Karofsky. Once the adults have left, Kurt asks Karofsky what his angle is with this fake bullshit. Kurt pushes until Karofsky tells him all about Santana's plan to get Kurt back at McKinley and use that to become prom queen. Kurt: "I'm both repulsed and impressed by her Lady MacBethian ways. A Latina Eve Harrington." Once he knows the truth, Kurt tells Karofsky that he'll return only if Karofsky helps him start a chapter of PFLAG at McKinley. Karofsky agrees, and Kurt gives a smile to everyone waiting on the other side of the glass wall.

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