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"We need to talk!" Rachel frazzles back at McKinley as she chases after Brittany on that outdoor walkway no proper Ohio high school is without. "Why are my legwarmers on your arms?" Brit-Brit is, indeed, sporting a pair of comfy-looking magenta legwarmers on her otherwise bare forearms, and she blithely shrugs by way of response, "I got cold." "But we had a deal!" Rachel whines, and long story short, that deal pretty much amounts to this: As part of Rachel's "career resurgence," she intends to "dominate discussion" by launching "a trend or two." To that end, Rachel gave Brittany half of her allowance to take one of her "signature" looks and make it popular. Brit-Brit dimly remembers that they agreed legwarmers had a better chance of taking off than reindeer sweaters, which is right, but Rachel insists the scheme won't work if Brittany wears those legwarmers "incorrectly." "Can I wear them that way tomorrow?" Brittany asks, explaining, "I wore a tank top today because I thought it was summer -- no one ever taught me to read a calendar." Rachel can't deal with that particular bit of nonsense at the moment, so she hastily agrees with Brittany's proposal, so long as Brittany remembers to announce to all and sundry that she got her legwarmer inspiration from none other than Rachel Berry herself.

Meanwhile, back in the main hall, Sue's on another of her rampages, and after Will stands agape, mutely goggling while Sue flips Single-T Tina into a set of lockers before knocking the books from Lauren Tuna's arms, the camera smears with him over to...

...Emma's office, where he blathers on about idle hands being Satan's playthings, or something, while Emma looks adorably pensive sitting there behind her desk with her little jade turtle brooch and whatnot until Sue enters to borrow one of "Esmé's" rafters so she can hang herself with a jump rope. Will sits Sue down and starts lecturing her on the beauty of life, or some such bullshit, and the upshot of the blithering that follows is this: Emma and Will decide that the best course of action is to have Sue sit in on a number of the glee club's rehearsals until she rediscovers a sense of purpose in her life. Just go with it. To be fair, Sue skillfully directed the dewy-eyed do-gooders' sorely subpar thought processes towards that misguided conclusion by too-casually admitting she felt good about herself for the first time since the Human Cannon debacle when she found herself singing along with Charlene's "I've Never Been To Me" in her Le Car that morning, but still: Just go with it, especially because we've got...

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