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Houston, We Have Some Problems

Blaine's locker. Kurt approaches Blaine to share his conflict over which Whitney song to sing. Before Blaine can really say anything, Kurt tells him that he may choose one song for the week's assignment and prepare a different Whitney hit for his fake theater school audition. He wants Blaine to join him at the local sheet music store to make some choices, but Blaine can't just take off that afternoon.

Kurt's at Between the Sheets music store, where he is accosted by a young gay with frosted tips, geek-chic glasses and a really unfortunate hat who praises his broach. They introduce themselves -- young gay is actually Chandler. He goes to North Lima High and he's there looking for music for an audition that he has coming up for the musical theater program at NYU. Which is an actual program at an actual school. Kurt tells Chandler about his own upcoming audition and his search for the perfect Whitney song, causing Chandler to just about splooge himself right there in the aisles of the store. Chandler apologizes for his hysterics, but Kurt tells him that his enthusiasm is refreshing. Chandler knows to quit before he can ruin the good impression he's made, but he doesn't leave before asking if he can have Kurt's number.

Music room, where Brit-Brit is singing the opening to "I Wanna Dance with Somebody." She's obviously no Whitney when it comes to singing, but it's a great showcase for her dancing. As she pulls various people up to dance with her, we see a sad look on Quinn's face. The song cuts to the auditorium, where Santana has joined Brit on vocals, backed up by a million dancing Cheerios. They're both wearing a dress similar to what Whitney actually wore in the video for "How Will I Know?" Which is probably a better choice than any of the fashion abortions she wore in the video for this song. After the song finishes, Brit says that it expresses her emotion of liking to dance with Santana. Which is probably about as complex as her emotions get. Commercials.

Quinn's locker. New Guy With Gross Hair Whose Name Demian Can't Be Bothered To Look Up approaches Quinn and asks her if she's okay, since he noticed her looking a little blue during Brit's performance. He asks about her physical therapy, and she tells him it doesn't seem to be working, which is pretty depressing. He offers to go with her, because he's such a good Christian. And because he's got the hots for her. Because, come on, she's much hotter than any girl he knew when he was being home-schooled.

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