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Houston, We Have Some Problems

Will enters Emma's office with a surprise for her. It's a personalized invitation to an appointment with Mr. Lavender, the Lima area's hottest wedding planner. Emma doesn't think they need a planner since they have so much time. But Will wants to move the wedding up to May. She asks him if it's about sex, thereby answering the question as to whether they've been doing it. He tells her it's because he's been in love with her for three years and doesn't want to wait. He silences her concerns with some kisses.

Kurt is dusting the Whitney shrine in his locker when Rachel approaches to complain that she's realized she just can't sing the national anthem as well as Whitney. Kurt gets a text, and she realizes from his smile that it's a sexy text from Blaine. But it's not -- it's a text from Chandler, and it reads, "Are you an astronaut? Because your smile is out of this world." Is Chandler getting his pickup lines from the back of a Dixie cup? Rachel grabs Kurt's phone and realizes he and Chandler have been texting for two days. Kurt claims it's innocent, but Rachel knows better, telling him he should be reserving his flirty texting for Blaine. But Kurt tells her that Blaine barely texts him, and that they haven't had "an unscheduled make-out session" in a month. Kurt has self-diagnosed it as a case of lesbian bed death. He knows that they love each other, but it's still nice to feel desired, which is what Chandler's texts make him feel. He thinks it's innocent, but Rachel points out that if it was really so innocent, he would have told Blaine about it.

Music room. Will praises the Whitney songs he's heard so far, when New Guy With Gross Hair Whose Name Demian Can't Be Bothered To Look Up pops up to tell him that he and Quinn have been working on a song at physical therapy. And then they sing "Saving All My Love for You." Songs about adultery are so Christian, aren't they? During the song, we flash back to PT, where Quinn and New Guy With Gross Hair Whose Name Demian Can't Be Bothered To Look Up come this close to kissing before he pulls back. Commercials.

We come back from commercials to "So Emotional," performed by Santana and Rachel in the music room. Kurt gets some more corny/flirty texts during the song while Blaine looks on glumly.

The Novak. All of the glee girls except Sugar Motta are there, and they're telling Quinn how much she and New Guy With Gross Hair Whose Name Demian Can't Be Bothered To Look Up seemed to be into each other while singing. Brit: "I don't know. Joe's really pretty, but I heard she doesn't shave her armpits." Quinn disabuses them of the notion that there's anything going on, because she's decided that New Guy With Gross Hair Whose Name Demian Can't Be Bothered To Look Up pulled away from their potential kiss because he's grossed out by her condition.

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