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Houston, We Have Some Problems

Emma's office. Kurt and Blaine are there because Kurt has asked for some couple's counseling. Blaine, to Emma: "Are you qualified for that?" Emma: "Not really. Or at all." But she'll give it a try anyway. She asks them to be brutally honest. Blaine explains that he got upset after discovering Kurt was texting a guy. Kurt reminds him that he sang a song to express his regrets, and Emma puts away the pamphlet titled, "Say Sorry with a Song." And then they start sharing the minor things they find annoying about each other. One of the things Blaine finds annoying is that Kurt keeps putting bronzer into his moisturizer. Kurt thinks he looks good with some color. Blaine: "I only use lotion on my hands. It looks weird if a person just has tan hands." And tan junk, I'm guessing. (Look, I'm not the one that shared that they've been lacking in the passion department. If they've been keeping their hands off each other, you know they haven't been keeping them off themselves.) And then we hit the meat of the problem -- Blaine's sick of constantly hearing about the fake theater school, because it reminds him that Kurt seems entirely too eager to head off to New York without any thought for the fact that he's leaving Blaine behind. Which is why Blaine has been distant -- he's scared of what will happen to them after Kurt leaves. Kurt makes the entirely realistic yet implausible promise that they'll be able to maintain a long-distance relationship. Oh my God. Did Emma just do a good job of counseling?

Schuester/Pillsbury living room. Emma enters as Will pours two glasses of champagne. He wants to toast the fact that he's found the perfect wedding location -- a KOA campground. While not disputing Will's claim that it would be romantic to be married under the stars, Emma reminds him that she has OCD and that being out in the great outdoors probably wouldn't be fun for her. She points out that they can find plenty of other places if they move the wedding to the fall. Will refuses. This time, it's her job to cut to the point -- she bluntly tells him that the glee kids will still come to the wedding if it happens after they graduate. And she hits the point -- Will is freaked out about what it will be like if they don't. He's grown way too attached to these kids, since they were the kids who changed his life. Emma reminds him that the love he and the kids have for each other won't go away. Did Emma just do another good job of counseling? Commercials.

Physical therapy. New Guy With Gross Hair Whose Name Demian Can't Be Bothered To Look Up, rather than a trained physical therapist, is stretching Quinn's leg. She grabs the back of her own leg and her hand brushes up against his boner. She seems happily surprised. Embarrassed, he drops her leg and apologizes, telling her that she's the hottest girl he's ever met. Quinn demonstrates why she was accepted to Yale by pointing out that he's met very few girls in his life. He calls her out on tearing herself down. He offers to help her see just how beautiful she is. Quinn asks if he wants to go out with her, and he tells her that he does, but that he's worried that he'll end up committing a sin of the flesh with her. She tells him that she wouldn't ask him to violate his faith. So now they're kind of going out? Maybe?

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