Dance with Somebody

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LTG: C | 2 USERS: C+
Houston, We Have Some Problems

Blaine approaches Kurt in the hall and compliments him on the jaunty angle of his cap. Kurt gets a text and he swears it's not Chandler. Blaine knows, since it's from him -- it's a suggestion that they sneak off for some unscheduled making out. Kurt points out that they have glee club rehearsal, but Blaine reminds him that it's an optional practice, so he doubts anybody will be there. But Kurt doesn't want to miss any chances to sing with his friends, and with Blaine.

Auditorium. Mercedes and Artie are on stage singing "My Love Is Your Love." Kurt and Blaine join in when they enter the room, and all the other members of the club gradually wander in and join the song. Will happily watches this moment from the wings. We also get flashes of the kids taking down their Whitney shrine and replacing it with a photo of the club together.

LTG lives in Boston, where he's a full-time pension and benefits attorney and a part-time bodyguard for lonely pop stars. You can reach him at

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