Extraordinary Merry Christmas

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Merry Wackmas!

Present day. Finn asks Rachel who told her about his problem: "Kurt?" Rachel: "No." Kurt (walking by): "Yes." Finn's freaking out because the list is so long and so expensive. Rachel tells him that he just has to get her one inexpensive present for every night of Hanukkah. Or maybe she tells him that just being with him is enough to make her happy. Or maybe she tells him to pick five out of the fifteen items on the list. She also tries to get sympathy, telling him that when she hears whether or not she's a finalist for the fake NYC drama school, she'd like to be wearing a Christmas bauble for good luck. She tells him that he can make a list, and he responds that all he really wants for Christmas is her. Rachel: "Aw, all I want for Christmas is you, too. And five things on that list."

Sue's office. She addresses the three boys sitting in front of her as "Wheels. Porcelain. Other Gay." By which she means Artie, Kurt and Blaine. Why is Blaine there? Has he ever even spoken with Sue before? Sue tells them that in the spirit of forgiveness, "I have decided to forgive you for having no talent and ruining the American songbook, one mash-up at a time. I've also forgiven you for forcing me to run in, and promptly lose, a humiliating state-wide election." So they let people from Ohio's other seventeen congressional districts vote in that special election? That's an interesting system. After Artie awkwardly accepts Sue's forgiveness, she continues: "Now Christmas isn't just a time when Jewish kids get slightly uncomfortable and dwarves get jobs as Santa's helpers in demeaning non-union commercials that make them quietly die inside." Apparently, the Jewish kids get so uncomfortable that they forget they're Jewish. Sue tells them it's also the time of year to give back, so she's decided to volunteer at a homeless shelter that Friday night, and she'd like New Directions to sing to the assembled masses. Kurt and Artie remind her that she's referred to the homeless as "urban campers." Sue asks "Stumbles, Gelfling, Young Burt Reynolds" if she can be honest with them. Blaine, who has not a line in this scene, is oddly pleased to be Young Burt Reynolds. If this means we get a centerfold in Cosmo, I'm all for it. Sue's honesty consists of reminding them that her sister died, and she's just looking for a way to stay busy on her first Christmas alone. Kurt, on behalf of the ten or so people not in the room, accepts the invitation to sing at the shelter. Sue: "Fantastic! And now, in the spirit of Christmas, get the hell out of my office."

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