Extraordinary Merry Christmas

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Merry Wackmas!

Rachel, Santana and Mercedes are admiring the music room Christmas tree. Rachel thinks it's fabulous, even if they did spend their entire decorating budget for the year. They get a decorating budget? For the music room? Y'all, this school has some really messed up priorities. And then Finn introduces Rory and everybody sits down. And Mumbles the Leprechaun just wants to tell them all that it's his first Christmas away from his family, which makes him sad. So he sings Elvis Presley's "Blue Christmas." As he finishes, Santana congratulates him on bumming everybody out, and Rachel suggests they should focus on the happy aspects of Christmas. Tina reminds everybody how sad last year was, what with Kurt being at Dalton and Sue trashing the music room. And then Tina really brings me down by casually telling us that Artie's mechanical legs broke right after Christmas. Oh well, Coach Beiste didn't need that $50,000 very much anyway. And then Will bursts into the room to break the news that since the local PBS station can no longer afford to air the Yule Log on Christmas Eve, they've offered the Glee Club their very own Christmas special. And they've agreed to let Artie direct. He's doubtful -- not because he's never even been in a TV studio, but because he swore he would never sell out and do TV. We end the scene on Rachel's threateningly extend finger, which suggests to me that if Artie screws up her chances at a TV special, he'll be losing a lot more than just his mechanical legs this year.

Hallway. Rory's books all fall out of his locker. Sam runs up to help him pick them up, and offers to show him his secret book stacking technique. Which Rory needs to know, because in Ireland, all books are shaped like cubes. And they're made of peat. Sam notices all the family pix in Rory's locker, and commiserates about being away from family. Sam asks Rory what he's doing for the holiday. Rory: "I don't know. Brittany and her family are going to see a gay Santa. Something about Santa Fe." Oh, Rory, you so Irish. Sam invites Rory to join him on the drive to Kentucky, and offers to be his Christmas sponsor. I know it's all about the actor's single facial expression (squinty eyes, tender smile) and not the writing, but Rory so looks like he's dreaming of unwrapping Sam's package for Christmas. Needless to say, he accepts the invitation.

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