Extraordinary Merry Christmas

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Merry Wackmas!

Sam and Rory are ringing bells next to a kettle. Not a euphemism. They're in the busy downtown Lima shopping district. Rory says the bells make him homesick: "My brother Seamus gets lost all the time, so my dad made him wear a bell around his neck so we could always find him." And then Rory asks Sam to be his Valentine's Day sponsor. Damn it, writers, stop making impossible to see anything but gay subtext in every single relationship on this show. Rory claims he wants Sam's help to get dates with girls. Sure. And then Finn hits Sam in the nards with a snowball. He and Rachel are there to donate all the cash they got from returning the earrings and the iPod Rachel gave Finn. And then there's a holiday rush of people getting out of a screening of It's a Wonderful Life. So now Lima has its own repertory cinema? For a horrible little hole, it sure seems like it's got a lot of great culture going on. In the crush of people giving money, you can hear Rachel wish somebody a Happy Hanukkah. Isn't that nice, she's being sensitive to other religions.

So, on the spectrum from streetlamp to asparagus, I give this episode three elephant tusks. On behalf of me and Demian, have a merry Christmas, happy Hanukkah, kwazy Kwanza, tip-top Tet, and a solemn, dignified Ramadan. (I mean, you'll be celebrating that Ramadan next summer. These glad tidings will just have to hold you until then.)

LTG lives in Boston, where he's a full-time pension and insurance attorney and a part-time ribbon dancer. You can reach him at

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