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Wait -- What Airline Was That, Again?

...hallway with Terri and Will as she hands him a sheaf of first-class tickets to New York on -- wait for it -- AMERICAN AIRLINES! "First-class tickets on AMERICAN AIRLINES!" Will marvels. "How did you afford them?" "Well," Crazy Terri replies, "did you know that if you complain to the airline about contracting monkey pox in the bathroom on the plane, you can get the president of the airline on the phone within an hour?" "But you didn't," Will frowns. "Of course not!" Crazy Terri pshaws. "Have you been on their planes? They're immaculate." Of course they are. They're AMERICAN AIRLINES! planes, after all. Crazy Terri instead discovered that the president of AMERICAN AIRLINES! is, in fact, a terrific arts buff, so she rang him up and told him the sad, sad story of New Directions' unaccountably rerouted Nationals flight, and the president of AMERICAN AIRLINES! "gladly" came up with the first-class tickets Will's now holding in his hot little hands. "What's the catch?" Will wonders, finally suspicious. No catch, Crazy Terri assures him, just her desire to set things right between the two of them before she moves down to Miami to manage a new branch of Sheets 'N' Things. Wait. Crazy Terri's moving to Miami? That seems...dangerous, for some reason. Though I suppose if she steers clear of rooftops, she'll be fine. Come back soon, Crazy Terri! Maybe next time, they'll figure out what to do with you!

And next up? Emma, who emerges from one of the classrooms clad in the grey-patterned mediocrity Will was wearing the first time he met her. She ended up keeping it for herself, you see, because she's convinced he's not going to come back from New York. Not that she has a problem with that, mind you -- to the contrary, she's adamant he pursue his dreams -- but the prospect does make her a little sad. They offer each other their goodbyes, and Emma exits down the hallway, weeping softly to herself.

Auditorium. Jesse St. James arrives on the stage for a secret assignation with Rachel, who frets that he's come with bad news about the auditions. He assures her he hasn't, and in fact gives her the good news long before Mr. Schue posts the official results on the board: She's in. She squeals with excitement and leaps up into his arms for a hug just as Frankenteen lumbers in through one of the far doors, and Rachel and Jesse kiss while Finn and his lonely tulip stand there in the dark, all slackjawed and forlorn. Sucks to be you, jackass!

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