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Wait -- What Airline Was That, Again?

Rachel and Jesse arrive at the bulletin board to find Santana, Mercedes, and Kurt fuming in front of the notice Mr. Schue ended up posting, which reads "URGENT MEETING TODAY. CHOIR ROOM 3:30." Rachel gulps, and with that we skitter over to...

...the music room, where Mr. Schue arrives to inform the assembled children that he's changed his mind: For Nationals, they will be singing original songs performed by the entire group. "You're going to lose!" Jesse St. James darkly warns, but Mr. Schue doesn't care, because he's an idiot. And as most of the children descend from the cheap seats to retrieve the rhyming dictionaries they'll be using to compose, arrange, orchestrate, costume, choreograph, rehearse, and perfect those two new songs they're to write on their direct AMERICAN AIRLINES! flight from Allen County Regional Airport to JFK, Finn hangs back to offer Quinn a too-casual, "Hey!" He then goes on to thank her for not bailing from Glee Club, even though I wasn't aware she had any plans to do so. "If I quit Glee Club," Quinn smiles at him, "my big plans for New York would have been ruined." Finn, along with everyone in the audience who's still awake at this point: "What plans?" "You'll see," Quinn cryptically replies, and with that, she vanishes into this evening's final blackout.

Oh, my GOD, the last fifteen minutes of this episode took forever. Anyway, next week: Season finale! Will they win? Can you even bring yourself to care at this point? Tune in next Tuesday to find out!

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