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Batshit, Actually

...the school library, where they welcome New Puck, Stupid Boring New Idiot Rachel, New Finn, Single-T Tina, and Guy With Gross Hair Whose Name I Still Can't Be Bothered To Look Up to, as Brittany puts it, "the first meeting of The 2012 Mayan Apocalypse Club." "It's also the last meeting," Lady Lips helpfully notes. Single-T Tina shoots him A Look before refocusing her attention on Brit-Brit, the latter of whom states, "Because we're all so close, [Lady Lips] and I wanted to bring you here so we could finally tell you our true feelings about you." At that, Brit-Brit turns to Single-T Tina to offer her the following from a place of love and acceptance: "Acting is a pipe dream for you, and your decision to pursue it as a career is both irresponsible and shocking." Hee. Next, Brittany addresses Guy With Gross Hair Whose Name I Still Can't Be Bothered To Look Up like so: "You haven't really made much of an impression on me and I don't really know what your deal is." That makes two of us. "This is the worst club ever," New Finn protests. "We're not just gonna sit here and let you insult us," Stupid Boring New Idiot Rachel agrees, rising to leave. "I wasn't going to insult you!" Brittany calls out after her. "All I wanted to tell you is I think you're delightful!" She had me, and then she lost me. "You can't leave yet!" Lady Lips cries. "You're gonna miss the best part!" But alas! The others have already disappeared into the hallway, leaving Lady Lips alone with Brit-Brit to pout, "I can't believe how naive they are." "I know," Brit-Brit sighs, adding, "Some people just can't face the cold hard fact that this earth is really just the back of a giant crocodile that's destroyed and recreated every five hundred years." "At least we have each other," Lady Lips notes, "and since the world is gonna end before Christmas...."

Cue the band. And the festively-adorned sextet of scantily-clad Reindeer Cheerios who now materialize in the library doorway to offer their prancing assistance as Lady Lips Von Bieberhausen swings into his version of "Jingle Bell Rock," which is not a song I'm particularly fond of, but at least he didn't decide to do this. And no, I wouldn't click on that link if I were you. To this number's credit, though, it's awfully fun to watch, and everyone involved is exceptionally enthusiastic about the whole thing, so maybe I should keep my bitchy mouth shut.

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