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Finn's arrived at Will's office, which was his destination. He's there to get his yearbook, which he left with Will to sign. Y'all, that is the skinniest yearbook I've ever seen. Is it really a yearbook, or just a large package for a disc containing all the photos? Anyway, Finn is unhappy with the unsentimental pap Will has written, but Will tells him he couldn't write what he really felt without turning into a puddle of tears. And then Will confesses about that time so long ago when he planted a joint in Finn's locker in order to blackmail him into joining New Directions. Finn has a shocked look on his face. But he's really just shocked that Will would ever actually be that cool.

Finn's at home, clutching a photo of his father while sitting in his dad's old armchair. Carol tells him that he can have the chair, which will likely be the only piece of furniture that will fit into his tiny New York rathole. Finn starts talking about feeling like he failed in his efforts to get his father's discharge recorded as honorable. Which I guess is something that he devoted tons of time and energy to, even though we never once saw it mentioned on screen. Finn tells us that he learned that his dad was an actual war hero, saving the lives of guys who now have kids who are Finn's age before he became a drug addict. Finn doesn't think that becoming an actor will actually redeem his father's memory. Y'all, if we were supposed to pick careers that would redeem our parents' bad decisions... I can't even finish that sentence, it's such a stupid notion.

And now it's time for the underclasspersons to sing to the seniors. They've selected a lovely rendition of The Beatles' "In My Life." Which they dedicate to Finn, for ... being their friend? Pulling them out of port-a-potties? I'm really not certain. I mean, Puck's the one who stopped throwing them in dumpsters. Commercials.

Oh, hey, now it's Quinn's turn for a voiceover. Unlike the others, who were clearly walking, she seems to be gliding down the hallway. She tells us that she's finishing school the way she started it, on top. And unlike everybody else, she's not feeling that emotional. She thinks that's partly because her friends have become such amazing people that she's not worried about them. All except for one. That one being Puck, who Quinn sees being tutored in geography by Coach Beiste. Quinn's V.O. tells us that she's decided to try to give back a little bit of everything she's received.

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