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Cut to the Novack. Quinn enters to find Rachel brushing her hair. They celebrate their newfound friendship. And then Quinn gives Rachel a train pass to use to get from New York to New Haven, so that they can visit each other. She wants to be certain the two of them really do stay in touch. Quinn tells Rachel that even though she's not really in favor of teen weddings, she's glad that Rachel and Finn are ending up together. Rachel tells Quinn that she always thought Quinn and Puck were meant to be. Really? I mean, they had a baby, sure, but they weren't really that memorable a couple, were they?

And now cut to Quinn's bedroom, where she's helping Puck study. He's completely lacking in confidence and certain he'll fail. He tries to ditch, but she tells him that she loves him, 'cause he was her first. She cares about him, and they're connected for life. She reminds him that when he got into her pants, he was full of confidence. He needs to find that again and he'll pass the test. And since one thing this show has taught us is that female sexuality is a gift that women give to men (rather than, you know, something for themselves to enjoy), she kisses him to give him his confidence back.

And her kiss is magic, as Puck's voiceover tells us while he's swaggering into the classroom to take the retest.

Sue's office. Sue is polishing a giant trophy while rubbing it into Black Sue's skin that she, White Sue, retains sole control of the Cheerios. Who apparently won another national championship since the last episode. After they finish insulting each other, Black Sue admits defeat. But she also suggests that the two of them work together to get rid of Figgins, since they both think it's a crime that such an idiot runs the school. White Sue and Black Sue working together for evil? I knew integration wasn't always a good thing.

And then Quinn arrives. She's there to return her Cheerios uniform. Shouldn't she have done that when she quit the team last year? Oh, this is all just an excuse for an emotional scene in which Sue tells Quinn that she admires her for being slightly less evil than Sue. Sure, that all makes sense. Commercials.

Puck, Finn, Mike Chang, Kurt, Santana and Rachel pace outside the office of Puck's geography teacher. Quinn arrives to ask what's going on. Wasn't she the one who helped him study? Shouldn't she have known when he was taking the test? In any case, they're all assembled to wait for the geography teacher to grade the test. And then she does, and gives it to Puck, who is thrilled to see that he passed. Which means he can graduate!

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