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In the weirdest graduation ceremony ever. Puck sings Bruce Springsteen's "Glory Days," while Figgins calls out the names of New Directions seniors in random, non-alphabetical order. And the graduates then walk out from the wings and join all their classmates on the stage. Also, there are apparently fewer than 100 graduates. Maybe this is the special graduation ceremony for kids who have overcome great adversity and/or have tearjerking stories? And all the normal kids went through a more sane and traditional graduation ceremony? Sure, that'll do. (And I just realized that the strange woman standing next to Quinn's mother is Puck's mom. Way to reach back into the first season casting file, show! But Rachel's dads aren't there. Because it's not like they have Jeff Goldblum money for more than one episode.)

And now it's time for Rachel, Finn, and Kurt, to gather in the music room and open their envelopes. They talk about how they don't want things to change and that they're all there for each other. And then they open their envelopes. Finn didn't get in. Neither did Kurt. But Rachel did. Carmen Thibodeaux, you are such a pushover. Now every kid with a bad audition is going to stalk you. It's just too bad Glee-verse law prohibited Finn and Kurt from applying to more than one school. Commercials.

And now Rachel gets a voiceover. She's cleaning her locker, telling us how all of her dreams have come true. But she's sad because Finn being in New York would be a constant reminder of his rejection. And she hates the idea of being in New York without Kurt. So she's decided to defer her enrollment at Fictional New York Theater School and spend the year helping Kurt and Finn perfect their auditions so they can get in next year and they can all have a spinoff together. I mean, "so they can all go to New York together." She should also lobby for a change to the law that makes it illegal for them to ever apply to any other school ever again.

And now Santana's cleaning out her locker. She's dumping everything in the trash. Her mother approaches to hurry her up. She asks if Santana is keeping anything from her locker, and Santana tells her she doesn't want to use the excuse of having keepsakes as a reason to not actually see people ever again. And then her mother hands her a check representing the money that she had saved up for Santana to go to college. Santana tells her to keep it, since she got a full ride at Louisville. But her mother wants her to have it and use it to go to New York and pursue her dreams.

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