Guilty Pleasures

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Here They Go Again

Music Room. The Glee Gals tear in from the hall in middle of a very loud argument with New Puck, decrying his musical selection for the evening because Chris Brown is the sort of repugnant nasty no one should ever go near, ever. "He brutally beat up his girlfriend!" Single-T Tina shouts out. "He beat up a window at Good Morning America!" Brittany adds. "He says horribly misogynistic things on Twitter!" Stupid Boring New Idiot Rachel reminds everyone. "What about the Frank Ocean fight in the parking lot?" Pretty Kitty demands. "But mostly," Tina insists, "he beat up his girlfriend Rihanna and then he got a picture of a battered woman tattooed on his neck! That dude is a psychopath!" And oh, what fun it was digging through the last four years of Chris Brown-related filth on the Internet to come up with those five links! I feel like I need a shower.

Anyway, New Puck insists he agrees with the ladies' arguments, which is why he chose Chris Brown for this assignment -- he likes the music, and he feels guilty about that because of who Chris Brown is; therefore, the music is his guilty pleasure. The Glee Gals can't believe he likes the music in the first place, given who created it, but New Puck basically says they're missing the point of his counterargument, which is this: Could any of the artists they cover really be considered role models, and should that matter, anyway? Shouldn't they be able to "separate the art from the artist"? The ladies never address the first half of that, but they most certainly greet the second with a resounding and unanimous "HELL, NO." As Tina heatedly puts it, "If there was a list of peoples' music that we should never do in this room, Chris Brown would be at the top of that list!" They admit they can't "force" New Puck to do anything he doesn't want to, but they also make it clear it would be in his best interests not to piss them off any further, so he might want to find a different song to sing. I should note that at no point during any of this does anyone realize that Chris Brown's music just flat-out sucks, but I suppose that's a topic for a different episode.

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