Guilty Pleasures

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Here They Go Again

Okay, they actually wail it, mainly in slow-motion as they tear through the Fake Drama School hallways for whatever ridiculous reason, and to be honest with you, I don't really hate it. In fact, it's a pretty decent duet version of the original song, but it seems so horribly misplaced at this point in their storyline. If there had been an interlude between Rachel learning of his unexpected profession and their final breakup -- an interlude during which they were still trying to make their relationship work -- this song would have been perfect for that, but here? Not buying it. Of course, it doesn't help that we know nothing about his side of things, so we have no idea if this song's appropriate for his situation at all, but whatever, I guess. They sound nice, the visuals are pretty, and she gets to wear a stunning floor-length form-fitting black gown at the end of it, so I guess we should just smile at all that and keep moving.

April Rhodes Civic Pavilion. Lady Lips Von Bieberhausen enters the stage from the wings to find Dreamboat Blaine picking out a few chords on the piano, and the two get to chatting, with Lady Lips eventually dropping the following bomb: "It's okay -- I get it: Your guilty pleasure is me. I've known all year, and frankly, I'm an attractive guy, and you are into dudes, and if you weren't into me, I'd probably be pretty offended." Dreamboat Blaine takes a moment to absorb all that, then wonders, "And you're not freaked out?" "Because I don't want to jeopardize our friendship," he adds, and then they start babbling on top of one another for a bit until Lady Lips cuts through the crap to assure him that "nothing is going to change." They're like brothers, he reasons, and they trust each other, and to tell the truth, "the attention is kinda flattering," so why don't they just hug it out? Dreamboat Blaine is more than happy to comply, and it's a nice little moment until Lady Lips gets an uncomfortable look on his face and asks, "Is that a pack of Life Savers in your pocket?" "Oh, no," Blaine replies, completely and charmingly clueless. "They're breath mints -- you want one?" Heh. So, the boys knock back a couple of Certs, then head back to the music room for one last hurrah this evening.

Meanwhile, over in Brooklyn, St. Gay Of Lima and Santana Lopez bond over a Facts Of Life marathon until Old Idiot Rachel comes slinking shyly through the door with news that her latest romantic relationship is now officially kaput. She thanks Santana for not giving up on her, which is nice, but then she thanks Santana for "getting Finn to come and defend [her] honor," which makes me want to reach into the television set and throttle her dumb ass, thereby proving once again that we can never have nice things on this show. Or something like that.

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