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Sugar High

Mercedes gavels to order a meeting of the God Squad, which is apparently the name of McKinley's Christian club. There are four kids there, each sitting alone on one side of an array of four tables. Either they were expecting a much larger turnout, or these kids really hate each other. Present are Mercedes, Sam, Quinn (returning from a long spell of insanity) and newcomer Joe Hart. As some forum posters have noted, if Quinn is just coming back and Joe is new, does that mean the God Squad has consisted just of Sam and Mercedes before this moment?

Anyway, Joe is a formerly home-schooled kid attending public school for the first time in his life. Joe's a combination of every home-schooled cliché you can imagine, mixing together elements of hippy home-schooled kids (long hair, tattoos, nose ring, antipathy to shoes) and right wing evangelical home-schooled kids (only knows Christian music, the tattoos are all bible verses, dad only listens to talk radio). He's conveniently carrying a guitar. And he's played by Glee Project co-winner Samuel Larsen. Sam (the character, not the reality-show winner [Note: Though, also kind of the reality show winner, as Ryan Murphy will tell you... -- RS.]) suggests that the God Squad pick up the singing telegram torch that the New Directions dropped to raise money for some worthy causes. Joe thinks that's a great idea: "I'd love to show the school that it's cool to be Christian. We aren't all just door-to-door bible salesmen, like my dad." The idea is approved unanimously.

Cafeteria. Kurt sits down with the rest of the gleeks, who are talking about which sorority member Puck will be bringing to Sugar's party. (The answer? All of them.) Puck is boasting about his promiscuity, having decided that the true love thing isn't for him. But it is for Kurt, who's reveling in the fact that even though he hasn't seen Blaine for a couple weeks due to his eye surgery, Blaine has still managed to send him a valentine every day. Wait, Kurt hasn't seen Blaine for two weeks? Did his parents send him off to Switzerland to convalesce?

Artie is quick to note that the card Kurt is holding is signed "Your Secret Admirer." And then everyone is startled as someone in a very ugly gorilla costume walks up behind Kurt to deliver a gorilla-gram. It's a "Be my valentine" message, along with a stuffed monkey and some balloons. Kurt rubs his true love in Puck's face (not like that!), and then asks Rory who he's bringing to Sugar's party. The answer is "Sugar," which brings Artie up short, since he had the same plan. So now they're going to fight for her.

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