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Sugar High

Music room. Everyone is there. Artie subtly shows Sugar his ability to pop a wheelie in his chair while Rory sort of juggles for her. Will comes in and tells Artie to keep all four wheels on the floor and then turns said floor over to Rachel and Finn. They've decided to announce their engagement, since all of their parents already know. The reaction is mostly stunned silence. Except for Puck, who asks the baby's due date. Kurt tells them they're making a big mistake. Quinn asks when they're planning on doing the deed, and Rachel tells her that they haven't decided yet. But they are registered at Samuel French. Quinn notes that they're not mature enough to make this kind of commitment. Rachel basically tells anyone who doesn't approve to cram it. Even though she was hoping to have Quinn and Kurt as her bridesmaids. Tina and Mike are more supportive, as is Artie. And then Artie takes the floor to sing Mario's "Let Me Love You," with Mike, Sam, Kurt and Puck as his boy band backup dancers. Sugar loves it, while Rory stews in his own juices. After they finish, Sugar hops in his lap and tells him to wheel her to class.

Improbable outdoor lunch area. Santana and Rachel are walking together. Santana wants to tell Rachel that she's completely supportive of her marriage, since it's her right to decide that she wants to be unhappy with Finn for the rest of her life. And then Mercedes and the God Squad approach with their first singing telegram, from Finn to Rachel. It's the Gym Class Heroes' "Stereo Hearts."

Joe and Mercedes take the lead on the singing, while Sam does the rapping. At one point Sam walks across a lunch table and snatches a chocolate rose out of a girl's hand to present to Rachel. The song finishes big, with a church choir coming down the concrete stairs. As the song ends, the girl from whom Sam stole the chocolate rose inexplicably does not demand that Rachel give it back to her. But Santana does note that the God Squad is a Christian club, and then pays them $10 to serenade her girlfriend, Brittany. Poor Joe Hart is confused by the notion of girlfriends. By the way, at $10, this singing telegram bargain is quite a bargain. Commercials.

Music room. How many times a day does New Directions rehearse? Anyway, Will gives the floor to Rory. He spins a sob story about how he couldn't get his student visa extended so that he could stay another year, which makes him sad because it means he'll have to leave his new glee club family. (They also establish that he's a sophomore this year, so if the producers decide they enjoy having an emotionless block of wood in the cast, we might be stuck with him for two more years.) This is all prelude to him singing Michael Bublé's "Home." At the end of which, Sugar notices the single perfect tear he squeezed out and accepts his invitation to go to her own party. Mostly because she feels worse for him than she did for Artie.

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