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Sugar High

God Squad. Mercedes gavels the meeting into order. The only agenda item is deciding if they feel comfortable singing to gay people. Sam points out that he, Mercedes and Quinn are constantly singing to, with, next to, or in the general vicinity of gay people. But Mercedes is worried about the feelings of home-schooled Joe. Joe starts out by noting that he's never met anybody who's gay. Quinn: "Oh, I guarantee you have." Quinn, do you know something about Joe's door-to-door bible salesman father that you're not telling the rest of us? Mercedes: "They say one out of every ten people is gay. And if that's true, one of the apostles might have been gay. My bet's Simon, 'cause that name's the gayest." Quinn notes that Jesus never said anything about gay people. Sam: "Well, maybe he wanted to, but he didn't want to hurt Simon's feelings." In the end, they leave the decision up to Joe. Who needs time to think about it. Quinn tells him that she supports his desire to really confront this difficult question so he can find an honest answer, because that's what being Christian is all about. The crazed right-wingers that this scene just pissed off would beg to differ, Quinn. I think they view confronting and dealing with difficult questions to be one of the worst sins.

Hallway. Mercedes is at her locker when Sam approaches with a heart-shaped box. It's not candy -- it's a statue of St. Valentine. He starts to explain how he made said statue when Mercedes interrupts him to tell him that she told Shane about her relationship with Sam. And everyone who thought that Shane would get angry and maybe become violent with Mercedes or Sam are prejudiced against huge man-mountains who play violent sports. Because Shane cried, having just been punched in the heart by the woman he loved. Sam is sorry that Shane was hurt, but clearly happy that he can be together with Mercedes without having to keep it a secret. Except that Mercedes doesn't think she can do that. Quinn's little speech about honesty really got to her, and she doesn't think she can forgive herself for having lied and cheated. So she tells Sam she can't be with him.

As Sam walks away, she sings Dolly Parton's "I Will Always Love You," which was most famously recorded by Whitney Houston. After the opening lines, it transitions to a performance in the music room. And then to a performance on the stage, with Mercedes looking great in a red satin dress and long wavy hair. It's an excellent showcase for Amber Riley, and I wish it had come at a time when people could focus on the performance, rather than the timing of when it aired. At the end of the song, Sam and Mercedes are both in tears. Commercials.

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