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Hell To The Gro!

Sue's office. Brittney and Santana are standing downcast in front of Sue, who is on her elliptical. Sue: "You two should be wetting yourselves with shame. Glee Club won sectionals and you did nothing to stop it." She gets off the elliptical and walks around them, telling them that if they were samurai, she would demand they kill themselves. Brit-Brit, with a sideways glance at Santana, tells her, "We were seduced by the glitz and glamour of showbiz." I bet she understood maybe four words in that sentence. Sue walks behind them and starts doing some curls with her little weights. She tells them that ever since Quinn got knocked up, Sue's been looking for a new head cheerleader. "If you want the job, and back in my good graces, you're gonna have to turn around and listen up. You're familiar with a little Glee Clubber named Rachel Berry? Rachel's the kind of girl who wants things too badly. Now what she really wants is one Finn Hudson." Sue wants Brit and Santana to go after Finn, on the theory what Rachel won't be able to stand it and the shame will cause her to quit Glee Club.

And now it's the cheesiest song intro ever. Will walks Finn into the auditorium and tells him that to get over all the baby drama (you know, where he thought he had one and found out he didn't), he needs to find his inner rock star. Yeah, it doesn't make any sense. At all. It's just an excuse to get Finn on the stage to sing "Hello, I Love You," by the Doors. And that he does. After the first chorus, the song moves from the stage to the hallway, where Finn sings it at Quinn's back as she walks down the hallway. And then the basketball court, where he makes eyes at all the cheerleaders and scores a basket. And then back to the hallway, where the Cheerios dance backup. And then to the music room, where all the girls are looking quite intrigued. And Kurt is looking like he needs the mailman. Cory Monteith did a great job with that song. The song finishes, and Rachel runs after Will to run some of her ideas by him. Brit and Santana decide that this is the time to make their move. They link pinkies and trail after Finn. Brittney: "You're a really good dancer." Finn: "Thanks, but my feet weren't really moving." Brit: "That was the best part." Santana tells Finn that they were wondering if he wanted to go out. He's confused, and wonders which one of them he would go on the date with. In unison: "With both of us." This little tableau has not escaped Quinn's notice. Commercials.

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