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Hell To The Gro!

Hallway. Still with linked pinkies, Santana and Brit walk up to Finn and tell hims that their date is on for 8:00 at Breadsticks. Finn, who is clearly happy, can barely mutter a "cool" before they walk away, giggling. Rachel walks up to Finn and asks what they wanted. He tells her, unconvincingly, that they only wanted the time. He walks away, and Rachel trails after him. She tells him that she knows it's not easy being her boyfriend, since she's not popular and is super crazy and neurotic, but that she'll always be honest with him and that she only wants him to be honest with her. So he tells her, quite honestly, "I don't think I want to be your boyfriend." She's stunned. He tells her he needs to connect with his inner rockstar before settling down, that he needs to find out who he is. Rachel: "I'll tell you who you are. You're a scared little boy. You're afraid of dating me because you think it might hurt your reputation, which, though you'd never admit it, is very important to you. You hate what Quinn did to you, not just because it hurt but because it was so humiliating." Finn: "You're freaking me out. It's like you're inside my head right now." And what an echoey place it is. Rachel, on the verge of tears, tells Finn that she's the only person who knows him and accepts him for who he is. And then she walks away.

Glee Club rehearsal. Finn is sitting with Santana and Brittney, telling them that Hawaiian pizza is obviously the best because it has both ham and pineapple on it. They are in total agreement. Will enters and asks for a volunteer to sing the next "hello" song. Rachel's hand shoots up. She then sings The All-American Rejects' "Gives You Hell," clearly directing the song at Finn. Although Santana gives her the stink-eye at first, it isn't long before the entire group (except Finn) joins in singing and dancing. Will is not impressed -- even he knows that "hell" is not "hello." He reminds them that they have to face Vocal Adrenaline, which hasn't lost a competition in three years, at Regionals, and that if they don't place, the club is history.

We're in some kind of library or music store, with Rachel. She's perusing "hello" songs when a cute guy with longer tussled hair walks up to her and starts talking. She instantly recognizes him as Jesse St. James, star of Vocal Adrenaline. And he knows that she's Rachel Berry, since he saw her at Sectionals. "You're rendition of 'Don't Rain On My Parade' was flawed. You totally lacked Barbra's emotional depth. But you're talented." So this is the way to get to Rachel's heart -- insult her and then compliment her. She's clearly smitten. As am I. Jonathan Groff (who is playing Jesse St. James) is playing this with just the right mix of smarm and charm. Not to mention hair to die for. He tells her that he loves to come to wherever they are and flip through celebrity biographies for lifestyle tips. "I'm a senior now, so this year is kind of my victory lap. Snagging a fourth consecutive national championship would just be gravy. I'm getting out of Ohio soon. I've got a full ride to a little school called the University of California - Los Angeles. Maybe you've heard of it? It's in Los Angeles." Hee. He has rendered Rachel speechless. Let's keep this guy around. He suggests they hop on the convenient piano and sing the Lionel Richie song she was looking at. She'd rather not because she's a little nervous. Jesse: "I remember when I used to get nervous. Come on, I do it all the time. I like to give impromptu concerts for the homeless. It's so important to give back." Ah, so this is the library. He starts singing "Hello," and it's pretty hot. Rachel joins in with him after a bit, and slowly grows bold enough to sit next to him at the piano. Also, there's a trio accompanying them on strings and percussion. Just because. The patrons in the library/store/concert hall applaud, and then Jesse tells her, "We should do this more often. How's Friday night?" Commercials.

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