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Hell To The Gro!

Cut to the two of them making out on Will's sofa. And yes, it does look a lot like Will is making out with a grown-up Rachel. Which is either gross or hot, depending on how disgusting a human being you are. As she starts to pull Will's shirt off, he comes to his senses and tells her to stop. She apologizes for being "all business," but he tells her that's not the problem. She asks him if he's gay. He's shocked that anyone might ever think that about him. But she explains, "Most of the show choir directors I make out with are gay." Cut to Will making her some tea or coffee. She complains that all she ever thinks about is Vocal Adrenaline, and she hasn't had a date in three years. But she did notice Will at VA's Fall Invitational, because she thought he was kind of cute. Will sympathizes with the whole "spend all your time working" thing, since he thinks it played a big part in ending his marriage. Not to mention the whole "my wife lied to me about being pregnant" thing. Idina asks him how long he's been divorced, and he has to cop to the fact that he's actually only separated, and has only been separated for a few weeks. And also has to confess that he's started dating someone but it's not working out. Idina: "Whoa, whoa, whoa. You're already dating someone else and you were just making out with me?" She tells him she doesn't want to tell him how to live his life, but he practically begs her to do just that. She tells him she thinks he needs "to take some time to reintroduce yourself to yourself." What's that? Is that a theme I hear, bearing down on me with all the might and fury of a locomotive? She picks up her purse and tells him he's about the cutest thing she's ever seen. Has she ever seen kittens with the faces of Rachel and Finn? Because that's pretty cute. She gives him her number and tells him to give her a call if he ever straightens out his life.

Rachel enters the music room to find the original Gleeks (Tina, Artie, Kurt, and Mercedes) waiting for her. They're there to stage an intervention -- they all think there's a good chance that Jesse is just dating Rachel to spy on New Directions. Kurt tells her that VA's motto roughly translates to "murder or be murdered." Tina says they dope their dancers. Mercedes: "Look, we're not saying that he's playing you." Kurt: "He's playing you." But they're concerned that there's a chance that he's playing Rachel, and they want her to stay away from him until Regionals are over. Ultimately, it comes down to an ultimatum. If Rachel doesn't break up with him, they'll all quit Glee Club, thereby making it impossible for them to compete in Regionals. Commercials.

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