Hold On To Sixteen

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"You Smell Like Craigslist."

The following morning, Rachel emerges from The Maharishi's Lair to exposit for Quinn's benefit that her suspension is officially over. She then wonders if Quinn's there to make good on her promise to inform The Maharishi of Idina Menzel's transgressions, but Quinn reveals she's actually planted herself in The Lair's comfortably appointed antechamber to chat with Rachel. She's decided against ratting out Idina, you see, because she's come to realize such action would not be in Dismal Drizzle's best interests, and for that, she has Rachel to thank. Or so she claims here. I'm pretty sure the frank chat Idina had with her during Sectionals had more to do with this decision than anything Rachel told her over the course of the episode, but whatever. We're almost done, here, and it's way easier at this point just to accept Psycho Quinn at her word. "We're kinda friends, huh?" Rachel smiles. "Kinda," Quinn agrees, offering Rachel a smile of her own before settling into a chair to ask Rachel's opinion of Yale. She's heard it has a killer drama school, so she intends to apply, because why the hell not? Rachel of course thinks this is a wonderful idea, and with that, the two agree to meet up later in the auditorium for New Directions' formal victory celebration, as Quinn has "a couple of people" she needs to talk to. One last thing, though: Would Rachel mind doing a certain unspecified something for Quinn? Rachel nods.

Cut to The Novak, where Mercedes, Brit-Brit, and Santana Lopez are bitching about The Troubletones' loss. Quinn enters for a little "girl talk," and long story short, she basically makes them the same offer they made to New Directions before the competition: Should they want it, there's still a place for them in this evening's victorious choir. Quinn couches it in a lot of chatter about living in the moment and enjoying what little time they have left at school together and blah, but that's basically it. And to sweeten the deal, she's elicited promises from both Mr. Schue and Rachel that The Troubletones will be guaranteed at least one performance slot in each future competition. Mercedes, Brit-Brit, and Santana still seem hesitant, so Quinn smiles, "We're doing a big number in the auditorium to celebrate our victory, and we could use a couple more girl voices. Let me know if you hear about anybody who might want to join." With that, Quinn exits, and as the opening beats of this evening's final number hit the soundtrack, Mercedes for one looks sorely tempted to take Quinn up on her offer.

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