Hold On To Sixteen

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"You Smell Like Craigslist."

...the music room, where Mr. Schue's quite coincidentally leading the gentlemen of New Directions in a dance rehearsal. Naturally, they suck, and when Puck loudly expresses his opinion that they have no chance of winning "without the girls," The Leprechaun feels compelled to agree with him like so: "Girls smell better than ham, and when they're dancing and bouncing around, you can't help but watch 'em." And as I don't have time to beat that pointless little bastard to a bloody pulp at the moment, I'll just follow the camera as it pans back over to Mr. Schue, who says something that doesn't make any sense at all, and then Dreamboat Blaine (socks: Striped) suggests they incorporate a few chaste, boy-bandish glissades into their routine. Lady Lips counters that they should be pushing sex, and offers them all a few of the gyrating grinds he picked up at Stallionz as an example of what he means. Frankenteen enthusiastically agrees with Lady Lips, and that's it for Dreamboat Blaine, who's been silently enduring Finn's undermining crap ever since he transferred to McKinley. Dreamboat Blaine now takes out his frustrations on Lady Lips, calling him a whore and shoving him around for a bit until Mr. Schue steps forward to break it up. Dreamboat Blaine's all, "Whatever!" and stomps on over to...

...the boys' locker room, where Frankenteen eventually finds Dreamboat Blaine whaling away at a punching bag I never knew they had hanging there and, after a few preliminaries, they start screaming at each other. Well, Dreamboat Blaine starts screaming at Finn, and Finn quickly apologizes for his behavior thus far this year, admitting that Dreamboat Blaine's obvious levels of talent left him feeling threatened and insecure. "I've been acting like a jackass to you," Frankenteen allows, "but with Rachel gone, you're the most talented, well-rounded member of this team and, now more than ever, we need to be on the same page." Dreamboat Blaine takes a moment to cool his adorably hot little head, then replies, "Tell me what you need me to do." Well, that was easy.

Hall. Lady Lips sneaks up beside Mercedes to hold her hand, and there follows a cute little scene between the two that exists solely to remind us of the fact that they were supposed to be dating before one of them got fired last summer. Given the surreptitious smile that breaks out on Mercedes's face as she cutely exits into this evening's next commercial break, I'm pretty sure they'll be dating again soon, which should please LTG to no end.

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