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Kurt is walking down the hallway when Finn runs up to him and asks him what the hell is going on with their parents. It seems that Kurt accompanied Burt to a parent-teacher night at the school and watched as fate (i.e., Kurt) brought them together. We flash to that night and see Kurt, monitoring his father to ensure he only eats organic food (of which there is none in Lima), suddenly drag his father across the room and introduce him to Mrs. Finn (whose real name is Carol). Kurt tells them how much they have in common -- namely, they each have a dead spouse. Carol has her pre-fashionable hair, and she's wearing her trusty old denim vest. Burt: "I was just saying to a friend that acid-wash would make a comeback." Carol: "Who said it ever left?" Kurt did. Emphatically. In the background, Kurt is thrilled to see Burt and Carol getting along so well. Back in the present, Finn thinks all of this is utterly impossible. Kurt: "When will you ever learn that nothing is impossible when it comes to love?" He asks if Finn hasn't noticed anything different about his mother, like the new hair and the banishment of denim vests from her wardrobe? Those are all Kurt's doing. As is the selling of the bad furniture. Kurt predicts that he and Finn will be roommates by midterms. Finn is still in denial, but Kurt tells him to give in to the inevitable. This expectation that they will be sharing a room is the reason Kurt asked for Finn's input on the redecoration. Finn throws a tantrum, telling Kurt there's no way he's moving and there's no way he's letting his mother sell the chair.

Music room. The kids are less than thrilled at the idea of rehearsing in a roller rink. Santana: "Weren't those outlawed in, like, 1981 for being totally lame?" Will tells them not to look a gift drunk... I mean, "horse" in the mouth, since April is giving them the space for free. For some reason, Will lets Kurt take the floor. Kurt gives a strange speech. To wit, "The New Directions is clearly a club with a dearth of direction. Rachel and Jesse refuse to accept that all of us would rather die before we allow them to become the next Beyonce and Jay-Z, and Finn's mother's romance with my father is sending him into a wholly unnecessary tailspin of despair. What we all need right now is to explore the idea of a sense of place, and how if we find that place within, we will get that happy ending." While he's talking, he grabs a convenient pile of sheet music and gives it to Will to hand out. And then he sings "A House is not a [the word I swore I wouldn't type again]." To Finn. Creeping out me and the rest of America. Chris Colfer sounds lovely singing this, but the best thing is of the reaction from the rest of the club. The mere mention of her name in the speech starts Rachel preening, even though she was clearly being insulted. Finn is freaking out, and Tina and Artie both trying to figure out what the hell is going on. Puck looks over at Finn and silently mouths, "You gay?"* Honey, if being looked at with lust by a gay guy was enough to make someone gay, you would have been joining the Lima Gay Men's Chorus by the end of the pilot, just based on the looks from me and Demian alone. Best of all are Santana and Brit-Brit, who hook pinkies as Santana lays her head on Brit's shoulder. In the middle of the song, there's a mysterious cut to Finn, singing a verse to the urn holding his father's ashes, sitting in the recliner. It's a little jarring musically, because he's singing it pretty high (which makes sense for his character, if he's only ever heard Kurt sing the song) and he's just not as good at that as Chris Colfer. Commercials.

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