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Roller rink. The Glee kids are skating, but not really rehearsing. Because they're in the roller rink while it's open and other music is playing. Will is so stupid to have ever thought this would work as a rehearsal space. He acknowledges as much, telling April that "this" is not going to work out. She proposes they get together for a movie and a snuggle, and he also tells her he doesn't think they should make a habit of spending the night together. As always, Will knows exactly what April should do, even though he has no idea how to run his own life. He tells her that she'll always be unhappy until she finds an abode of her own. Instead of punching him in the jaw with her cute little fist, she actually accepts this advice, telling him, "Tonight, I'm going to go over to Buddy's and tell him we're through. If he still had the powers of speech, I'm sure he'd be thankful." She also tells us that the roller rink (which is named Rinky Dinks) loses $8,000 a night. Holy crap! How much does she pay that band?

Hallway. Kurt walks up to Finn's locker and tells him that he's decided they need to break their parents up. Finn noticed how miserable Kurt was when he started talk sports with Finn. Aw, our little dolt has emotional intelligence. How sweet. Finn doesn't like that his mother is moving on from his father, since he sees it as his filial duty to keep his father's memory alive. They agree to emulate Haley Mills and Lindsay Lohan in reverse and break their parents up.

What is Finn's clever scheme to get his mother to dump Burt? He takes his dad's ashes and threatens to flush them down the toilet, since that's what Carol is doing to his memory by dating someone else. She takes the urn and puts it in his dad's recliner, which is just so creepy. She says they should sit and watch TV as a family, pretending like they have for the last 15 years. She talks to the ashes and asks them if they want to watch the basketball game that's on TV. Finn tells his mom she's crazy, and she tells him he's selfish. She likes Burt, and she hasn't liked a guy like this since her husband died. Finn thinks their family is fine, and he doesn't want it to change. She thinks he's okay with it only because he doesn't know anything else. Then she sits on the arm of the recliner and tells Finn (with tears in her eyes) that she actually does talk to the ashes every night. She takes the urn to bed and talks about all the things she would talk about with a husband who was alive. And the ashes never have one single thing to say back to her. Finn tells her that his father wouldn't want her to move on, or move in with someone else, if Finn wasn't ready. Carol: "You didn't know him, Finn." She refuses to give in to her son's emotional blackmail, and tells him that she loves him but that they need to move on. Again, great, great work in this scene. (Also, remember how I said I had been in the same emotional space as Finn and Finn's mother? My partner died 16 years ago and I'm still wearing my metaphorical denim vest. So I have not one damn snarky thing to say about this scene.) Commercials.

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