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Man, I Was Really Hoping For Jill Sobule

Which is a nice segue to Puck in the music room singing Melissa Etheridge's "I'm the Only One." Although it's part of the Lady Music lesson that's supposed to be all about supporting Santana, he spends most of the song giving the sex eye to Shelby. She's sitting right behind Quinn, who thinks the sex eye is intended for her until she realizes that Puck is really looking at Shelby. Kurt, by the way, is wearing the same shirt he wore in his earlier scene at his locker, which is not the sweater he was wearing when he sang to Santana. Is it more likely that the editors would mess up the order of scenes, or that Kurt would wear the same outfit twice in the same week? At the end of the song, Puck dedicates it to Santana, telling her that he's glad he could be part of the phase where she slept with dudes.

Quinn approaches Puck at his locker to tell him how hot he was singing the song. But she thinks something's wrong with his eyes, since he spent the entire song staring at Shelby. He stammers for a bit and then tells her he was trying to get the message across to Shelby that he and Quinn are the only ones she should trust to take care of the baby. "That song was mainly about babysitting, for me." Quinn: "My mom is going on a Christian wine-tasting boat down the Ohio River on Friday." She invites Puck to come over to rekindle the love he felt for her after Beth was born. Puck's not interested, so she makes it clear that she's offering sex. But Puck shoots her down, since he's learned over the last couple of years that she's kind of crazy. So he'd "rather raw-dog a beehive." I don't even want to know what that means.

Finn approaches Santana's locker to ask her how she feels about the week's assignment. If it's another student coming up with the stupid theme for the week's songs, is it really an "assignment"? Anyway, Santana accuses Finn of forcing her "out of the flannel closet." He reminds her that it's The Sauce that's outing her on TV. She doesn't understand why he cares so much, and he tells her that he's worried that she'll kill herself. Santana: "Well thanks, but that's never gonna happen. I'd miss me too much." As would I, Snix. Finn tells her that since she was his first, she means something to him, and that he couldn't live with himself if something happened to her and he could have stopped it.

And now we segue back to the music room, where Finn sings Cyndi Lauper's "Girls Just Want to Have Fun." If, like me, you love this stripped-down arrangement, you should know that it's by singer/songwriter Greg Laswell. (And thanks to forum poster Lily Meadows for helping me make that connection.) By the end of the song, a number of other guys are softly singing along, and Santana has tears in her eyes. After Finn finishes, she stands up, thanks him, and pulls him into a hug.

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