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Man, I Was Really Hoping For Jill Sobule

Hallway. Some dudes look at Santana, and then a rugby jock accosts her at her locker. Wait, this school has a rugby team? What sports don't they have? Anyway, rugby dude is totally gross, and Santana seems genuinely frightened. But then the combined girls of New Directions and the Troubletones come to her defense, leading to all of them taking off down the hall singing Katy Perry's "I Kissed a Girl." I really would have rather heard them sing Jill Sobule. The song finishes in the music room, where the boys are really enjoying themselves. After the song finishes, Santana tells everybody that she came out to her parents and they were pretty accepting. I know it pissed some forum posters off that this discussion happened off camera, but if they're only going to have one of her difficult coming out talks, I'm glad they chose her abuela later in the episode. And then Figgins interrupts the rehearsal to call Kurt to his office.

In the Maharishi's Bureau of Ballot-Stuffing, Figgins congratulates Burt on the early exit polling numbers that show him winning his election. He also tells Kurt that he won by a suspiciously high margin. In fact, the total number of ballots case exceed the number of students eligible to vote. Which does go a long way to making Kurt look guilty. Kurt acknowledges having considered cheating, but he swears he didn't do it.

In the hallway, Kurt tells Rachel and Finn that if Figgins can prove he stuffed the ballot box, then he'll be suspended. And either way, he's lost the election. Kurt's certain NYADA will never take him now. Um, in addition to the other things I've already mentioned, isn't Kurt also perhaps about to be the son of Ohio's newest member of Congress? A member of Congress who ran on a platform of supporting the arts? Surely that'll help his chances, won't it? Kurt leaves the two of them to find Blaine, and Rachel confesses to Finn that she stuffed the ballot boxes. We cut to her in the voting booth, stuffing tons of ballots into the box. I'm guessing she lifted those ballots when the Coach was so distracted by her "Jolene" fantasy. Finn tells Rachel she has to confess, but she's scared of being suspended. But Finn points out that Kurt is at risk of being suspended. Dilemma!

Geometry class. I guess. Although I'm pretty sure this is the same teacher who taught Geography in an earlier episode. Anyway, Puck is there, and he's the only student who can answer a question about the quadratic equation. The teacher is shocked, but he tells her that since he started doing the books for his pool cleaning business, he's become some kind of mathematical savant. The entire class is stunned. And then Puck's phone rings. He tells the teacher it's a family emergency and walks out of the room.

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