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Man, I Was Really Hoping For Jill Sobule

Sue's office. She's holding a newspaper, the headline of which announces Burt's victory. Cooter asks her how bad it was -- she came in third, with just 16% of the vote. Cooter wants to know what that means for the two of them. Well, at least he realizes he was just a political prop. And then Coach Beiste is a Sue's door with the same question. Cooter starts to say something, but Sue tells him to sit down and shut up: "This is between me and Brian Dennehy." Having lost the election, Sue has no intention of losing Cooter. Cooter finally gets his nerve up to tell the Coach that while he likes her a lot, he also likes Sue. For real? She must be crazy good in bed to make up for all the crazy outside of it. And then the Panther tells Cooter that she's in love with him. She tells him she'll do anything to win him back, and promises Sue that she won't go down without a fight. Well then, game on.

Music room. Will and Shelby tell the kids that singing together for the week has ensured that they'll all go into Sectionals with more empathy for each other. Artie asks Finn where Rachel is, but gets no real answer. And then Kurt, who's wearing a hideous poncho sweater thing, rises to congratulate Brit-Brit on her victory: "Rule wisely. Rule fabulously." And then it's Santana's turn to sing her lady music. She's picked k.d. lang's "Constant Craving." Shelby joins in on the second verse. As the song progresses, we see Shelby eying Puck in the hallway, Beiste lifting weights, the incredibly tiny Hummel victory celebration, Kurt putting his NYADA application in an envelope, and Quinn giving Shelby the disgusted stink-eye. And then a teary-eyed Rachel walks into the music room, to tell them that she confessed to stuffing the ballot box and has been suspended. Which means she'll miss Sectionals.

LTG lives in Boston, where he's a full-time pension and benefits attorney and a part-time ballot-box stuffer. You can reach him at

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