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Journey's End

And now it's Regionals. Apparently, Will had to buy a ticket to get in. Either that, or Figgins called the person running Regionals and told her that Will is an incredibly easy mark if she wanted to score a little free cash off him. Will enters the auditorium just in time for the introduction of the judges: Josh Groban, Olivia Newton-John, Anchorman Rod Remington, and Sue (who gets the biggest round of applause of the four of them). (Also, Sue's soon-to-be-published book is entitled I'm a Winner and You're Fat.) And then the announcer guy introduces the first performers of the evening, Indiana's Aural Intensity.

In a room backstage, New Directions stews while listening Aural Intensity perform over a crappy speaker. Puck is angry to hear them sucking up to the judges with a mash-up of ONJ and Josh Groban. Tensions are high, and the kids bicker, all while Rachel futilely tries to reach the volume control on the speaker (high up on the wall) to shut off the sound of their competitors. Will enters, turns off the speaker, and tells the kids it doesn't matter if they win. And then he gives them another inspiring speech, about how winning isn't everything. He continues, "Besides, we have got something that the other groups don't. Finn's dancing." The kids (including Finn) laugh. And then Finn gets Homer's "wait a minute, something said, something said, not good, not good" look on his face as he realizes that was an insult. But it doesn't matter, because they only have two minutes to get into position for their performance.

Rachel and Finn wait outside the doors at the rear of the auditorium, preparing for another New Directions trademark entrance from the crowd. They're at different doors, so they're not next to each other. But then Finn walks over to Rachel, who tells him "Break a leg." His well-wishes are a little less conventional: "I love you." Fortunately, that boosts Rachel rather than causing her to go into a tailspin of doubt and fear. (Face it, with her it's always 50-50.) Finn walks back to his door just as Announcer Guy gives a warm welcome to Nude Erections. And then Finn and Rachel walk into the auditorium and start singing "Faithfully." Before the end of the song, they're on the stage, where the curtain rises on the rest of the group, singing backup. And then they launch into a mash-up of "Any Way You Want It," and "Lovin', Touchin', Squeezin'." Followed by "Don't Stop Believing." Vocally, the songs are all great, and after the first song the solo lines are distributed a little more evenly. The choreography is pretty loose and freeform. Frankly, I wish they had cut a little bit of the mash-up and given us the full version of DSB that they recorded for release, partly because it's a better song and partly because a lot more kids got solo lines. Oh, and part way through the performance, Quinn's mother sneaks into the audience. The medley ends and the crowd goes wild.

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