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Journey's End

In the auditorium, the kids are all seated on stools on the stage. Will sits at the director's table in the audience. The kids have something to say to him, and that something is that even though they lost at Regionals, they feel like they won because they had him as a teacher. And it's not just because he's such a bad teacher that he failed to explain the difference between winning and losing. It's because he taught them things and gave them the chance to do things that nobody else seemed to care about. The kids all tell them something that was true about themselves before they joined Glee Club. For example, Mike Chang had never danced outside of his room, and Puck was throwing kids into dumpsters. Finn ends the litany, telling Will, "I didn't have a father... someone I could look up to, model myself after. Someone who could show me what it really meant to be a man." He means Burt, right? Mercedes: "Glee Club will never end, Mr. Schue, because you are Glee Club." And then they sing "To Sir With Love." The kids are all crying. And so is Will. And so are you. Especially at the sight of Santana with ugly tears smeared across her face. And it's okay if you're a little creeped out while you're crying, because that song sounds so much like a teacher's excuse to molest his students. As the song finishes, we see Sue lurking in the back of the auditorium. And I think she was crying, too. Commercials.

Music room. Will is cleaning up and putting all of this Glee-related stuff in boxes. Sue saunters into the empty room: "It's as barren as me in here, Will." Will asks if she just came to gloat. Will, it's Sue -- you might as well just ask her if she needs to breathe. Will congratulates her on her victory, and offers to shake her hand. I don't think he's serious. Sue: "Not unless you've got some hand sanitizer. I've seen that car you drive. I don't want to catch poor." Oh, Sue, you can't catch poor just from shaking hands. You have to exchange bodily fluids. Or bank account numbers. Will asks Sue to explain how she could honestly say New Directions wasn't good enough to at least beat Aural Intensity. She claims she can't discuss the judging process.

Smear sideways to Sue casting her vote. Having already written Aural Intensity in second and Vocal Adrenaline in third, it's a bit of a mystery why she seems to be taking so long to write New Directions in first, but she does pause for a bit. And then she votes for them, as we all knew she would. In voice-over, we hear her telling Will, "All I can say is casting my vote was easy. It reflected exactly how I felt in my heart about which team should win."

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