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Have An Egg Roll, Mr. Hummel

I know that what I'm about to do will invite an avalanche of hate mail the likes of which I haven't seen since I said I didn't like Penn and Teller and I was denounced as an enemy of magic on some e-mail list for magician nerds. (And yes, I do know that "magician nerds" is redundant.) But still. I have spent the last several days listening to "Rose's Turn" as performed by some of the leading lights of Broadway and American music, and I think that what we saw on this show was one of the best ever. So, Ethel, Tyne, Betty, Bette -- you have just been schooled by a nineteen-year old boy in his first role ever. Patti, you held your own due to your utter and complete commitment to depicting the full depths of Mama Rose's insanity. And as for you, Bernadette I do not want to see your face right now. What did poor Mama Rose ever do to you that she deserved that kind of treatment? Okay, bring on the hate mail. (And you magician nerds can send me more hate mail too, if you like.)

Back to the scene. The fantasy lights go away (but not the clothes, thankfully), and we hear the sound of one hand clapping. I mean, one pair of hands. Burt's hands, to be more precise. "That was some serious singing, kid." Kurt asks what happened to the hoagies. Burt tells him they blew it off. When Kurt bitterly suggests that Finn must have been disappointed, Burt tells him that he understood once Burt explained that he needed to spend time with Kurt. Kurt claims that he's fine. Burt: "Kurt, I'm dumb, but I'm not stupid. And I have no idea what that song was about, but 'fine' don't sing like you just sung." Burt starts to talk about they both knew it would be difficult for him to adjust to Kurt being gay. Kurt tries to turn it around, apologizing (again, bitterly) for being such a disappointment. Burt, to his credit, is not taking crap from his son and makes it clear that he and Kurt both know that's not what he meant. And Kurt, to his credit, knows he's being irrational and that is dad is working hard. It just cuts him to the quick when he sees how easy it is for Burt to be friends with Finn, because he doesn't think he and his father will ever have that kind of ease in their relationship. Burt realizes that was why Kurt was acting like such a redneck, and Kurt tells him that he was trying to demonstrate that he'll work just as hard as Burt to make their relationship work. Burt: "You don't have to work, at anything Kurt. Your job is to be yourself. And my job is to love you, no matter what. That, and a majority ownership in a tire store, that's all we got." Kurt tells his father that he misses him, and they hug and say, "I love you." As always, these two actors are amazing together.

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